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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Wachuma in Machupicchu

Wachuma Ceremony 1 Day (San Pedro) and the 5 Andean Inca Techniques
San Pedro Ritual In Machupicchu Or Wachuma Machupicchu Ceremonies

The Wachuma ceremony in Machupicchu is magical, a unique and wonderful experience. It is a journey from the inside to the outside of your being, it opens the doors of heaven and earth. It connects you with Pachamama and nature, you feel the power and spiritual love that transports you to many mysteries of light. Read more What is wachuma in Machupiccchu

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The San Pedro Ceremony In Machu Picchu Is Recommended During The Day

While you walk you enjoy all the wonder energy that surrounds you. The ceremony of San Pedro in Machupicchu is conducted by an indigenous Shaman and with the support of trained assistants, San Pedro does not cause vomiting or dizziness, on the contrary, you live a mystery of visions as you walk. You observe wonderful things and suddenly feel that the sacred mountain speaks to you, it can give you self reflection, meditative experience, or a personal encounter of introspection and regression. You can do your San Pedro ceremony in Machupicchu inside the archaeological temple. We also have a very special private place, very mystical in nature, where we cross the banks of the river through waterfalls.

Wachuma inside the Machupicchu archaeological center

Our Association of Shamans, performs the ceremony within the archaeological center of Machupicchu and its surroundings (only private or group prior coordination). The medicine Wachuma (San Pedro) takes effect between 1 and 2 hours of consumption, the duration is from 8 to 10, exceptions 18 hours maximum. You will be accompanied by an experienced spiritual guide who will take care of you and an Andean Specialist Shaman who will take care of the whole process. The retreat in Machu Picchu, includes 6 techniques of complete purification, which heal your mind, body and soul.

wachuma san pedro ceremony in cusco

Wachuma inside the Machupicchu Wachuma (San Pedro) and the 5 Andean Inca Techniques

Volcanic Medicinal Water: Purge composed of different natural minerals that detoxifies the immune system in general. Cleanses the esophagus, stomach, intestines and kidneys, eliminate toxic residues, which are expelled orally, urinarily and anally. Preferable to drink it one day before taking Wachuma.

Wachuma Ceremony Machupicchu: Internal and external process of self-healing and reflection, connection guided by the forces of nature, psycho-emotional openness, reflection of consciousness. It is a retribution and connection with the Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Different Andean techniques

You can choose the entire package, or individually each ancestral ceremony.

Reading of coca leaves: Used as a guide, and prediction of the future. The reading of coca leaves allows us a diagnosis and a personal orientation. It is important to detect problems, deepen the knowledge of your condition which helps for the whole healing process.

Cleansing of negative energies: We open the chakras to free your spirit, prepare your inside and outside before drinking Wachuma. We purify and cleanse the negative karma, the bad vibrations and spiritual sensations accumulated throughout the body.

Offering to Mother Earth: We ask to improve on spiritual, health, love, work, family areas and more. We pray for life, food, well-being and for life to continue to be generated. We thank mother earth for all we have now, for the benefits received from the sacred plants and the forces of the universe.

Flowering baths: It helps to activate life, channels and charges spiritual cosmic energy, connects with the great spirits of the universe. Attracts magical, positive vibrations and energetic powers, it serves for personal protection against negative energies.

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This includes a Wachuma or Ayahuasca Ceremony

With our Organization of Shamans, you can do the 6 ceremonies together or do individually. The ceremony of Wachuma or Ayahuasca in Machupicchu Includes:

  • Scheduled pick up at train station.
  • Different elements used in the Offering to Pachamama, Cleansing of Negative Energies and other ceremonies.
  • Experienced spiritual guides (plus assistant and translator) Quechua, Spanish, and English are spoken.
  • We can take photos without disruption for your personal record (optional).
  • All retreats are performed by different native Amazonian and Andean Master Shamans: Ashaninka, Shipibo, Machiguenga, Qeros, Ausangate.
  • Meetings, consultations (group or individual), interpretation of visions with the Master Shaman to share your experiences.
  • Group walk along the river, mountains and forests.
  • Relaxing Andean spiritual, instrumental sounds and meditation center.
  • Daily departures.
  • Group maximum of 5 participants.
  • A reservation is available on the date or schedule you choose.

Booking Ceremony

GROUP: 1 Ayahuasca and Volcanic Medicinal Water
USD. 280.00
GROUP: 1 Ayahuasca + 5 Andean Inca Techniques
USD. 420.00
PRIVATE: 1 Ayahuasca and Volcanic Medicinal Water
USD. 380.00
PRIVATE: 1 Ayahuasca + 5 Andean Inca Techniques
USD. 490.00

Machupicchu history and the Vision of Ayahuasca

Inca Viracocha or Wiracocha, was the eighth king of Cusco, the one who built Machupicchu, Wachuma’s favorite ceremonial place and also for Andean worship ceremonies to their heavenly gods. He was a kind king, loved by his people, the highest splendor was reached during his reign. The decadence of Wiracocha government came in the face of the powerful invasion of the Chankas, commanded by a king called Uscovilca; having no alternative, he decided to leave the city of Cusco cowardly, fleeing with his son Urko to his refuge in Llaki Qawana (“The Sadness Gazer”). The cusquenos call it Kaqya Qawana. (“Where the Lightning is Seen”). Later it was called Machupicchu.

san pedro wachuma plant

Kusi Yupanqui warrior, General of the Inca Empire

Kusi, one of Wiracocha’s sons was a mystic believer. He followed the visionary secrets the Ayahuasca plant. He did not accept the humiliation of the chankas. He confronts the invading army at a disadvantage with few resources and defeats them with a mysterious divine power in battle. Since then Kusi takes power, creates his army and the Royal Council of Wiracocha submits to him for his leadership. After the triumph. Kusi humbly takes the spoils of war to his father; who despises him answering that his son Urko is the successor. Kusi yupanqui does not accept that a cowardly brother should receive such loot. Very outraged by the response of his father, he returns to Cusco, claims the victory and power over Cusco, plans, organizes and rebuilds, improving the cities. They subdue all enemy tribes, unite them and get them recognizing him as a legitimate king for his leading skills.

Reconocimiento Del Poder, Liderazgo Y Transformacion Del Imperio

Admired by the power obtained by his despised son, after seeing the great transformation of the city of Cusco, Wiracocha named his son as PACHAKUTEQ (“The Transformer of the World”). Kusi Yupanqui was crowned and from that moment he became the only king, adopting the name that his father had given him: PACHAKUTEQ, known like the Son of the Sun. Pachacutec was a believer, leader in the Andean ceremonies who year after year offered worship to their heavenly gods, did the rituals of Wachuma and Ayahuasca for spiritual connection with their ancestors. All of these ceremonies were conducted in Machupicchu.

Discovery Of Machupicchu By Agustín Lizárraga.

In 1900 a local farmer, Agustin Lizárraga, also a resident of the area, had knowledge of the ancient sacred ruins. He did not want the world to know about the discovery for ten years, his fear of looting or to be punished by unveiling a secret of the Inca Empire. In 1911, the American explorer Hiram Bingham, a professor at Yale University, was informed by Lizárraga of the existence of the lost Inca city called Machupicchu and was guided to the place. His surprise was immense, in the same year he was awarded the discovery and proudly informed his headquarters. He appropriated a large amount of the treasures he found (more than 5000 pieces), which he then brought to the United States. The Peruvian authorities continue demanding the return of the valuable historical heritage but to this day there is no result. Our Association of Shamans conducts Wachuma ceremonies the way there were done back in Inca times.

Huachuma retreat in Machupicchu carried by an indigenous shaman and under the absolute care of a spiritual guide. San Pedro ceremony in Machupicchu.

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