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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Karpay Mother Earth and Lloquepaña “Yachay Katy”

What is Karpay? Karpay Shamanic Initiation

The Karpay ceremony is a very great energetic force, a gift of spiritual service. Those who receive are prepared spiritual people, healers, shamans and work with some kind of spiritual energy to serve and help those in need. The Karpay is a special call of the mountains and a divine gift of power from Mother Earth. The Karpay requires responsibility, discipline and commitment … read more carpay apu ausangate mystical inca

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KARPAY Mother Earth and Lloquepaña “Yachay Katy”

It means continue learning spiritual wisdom. Pushing, cueing people to learn the secrets of the Ausangate. It represents the blessing of 2 unified Karpay: receive the strength and power of earth and lagoons which are the initiation for the powers of the Ausangate. The Hatun Karpay in Queros Ausangate, conducted by Altomisayoc and Panpamisayoc Shamans in Cusco, Peru. This ceremony can be empowered by doing an Ayahuasca retreat or an Ayahuasca ceremony for spiritual growth. Ayahuasca ritual in Peru, Ayahuasca retreats in Cusco.

Apu Ausangate Karpay Spiritual Initiation: The powerful Apu Ausangate approves or opens its heart and allows the way of the Shaman, according to the intention of the apprentice in order to help people.

The mysterious power of the Otorongo Ccary Karpay: These are 4 very significant places in the Karpay. These lagoons are at the front, a few meters from the Ausangate, on a very strategic place.

Laguna Otorongo Ccary: Represents the male cougar or the protector who cleanses negative energies.

Pantry Lagoon of the Ausangate: Represents the store of the Ausangate, food deposit for potatoes, chuño and corn among others, and receives offerings for your rescue.

Laguna Otorongo Huarmi: It represents the purification of the tables of Coyas and the people receive its blessing. It is the female feline of the male otorongo.

Blue Lagoon the Anaconda: It is below, on the left side of the Ausangate; it is the direct connection to the Uku Pacha (Inca underworld) and center of absorption of all bad energies, they are sent there for purification, into the center of the earth or to another unknown world.

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Karpay Ausangate Spiritual Initiation

  • Transportation from Cusco to the village of Tinki (3 to 4 hours approximately) and return from Pacchanta to Cusco.
  • Transport from Tinki to the community of Upis Pachanta (1:30 hour) and return to Pacchanta on the given day.
  • From the community of Upis on horses to the Ausangate mountain, (1:30 hour) and return on the indicated day.
  • Spiritual translator (Speaks Quechua, Spanish and English).
  • Sleeping tents, dining tent, mat, sleeping bags, carrier horse and cook.
  • 2 Shamans, male and female, for a group of more than 3 persons; otherwise only 1 Shaman.
  • Complete food for the days of Karpay.
  • Return by the 3 lagoons. And we take a tour to the mountains of Shaman Mariano Turpo on horses.

Offerings or ceremonies we give at Karpay Ausangate:

  • Cleansing, spiritual and energetic purification before starting Karpay.
  • Work of the 7 chakras, before shamanic initiation.
  • 04 different Andean ceremonies, only for the Karpay. The offerings are aimed at the 4 sources of the Earth.
  • 1 Flowering Bath of initiation and blessing for the spiritual path of the Shaman.
  • Delivery of the MISAYOC Shaman work Power Table: khuyas, 7 chakras stones, lliclla or tablecloth and bell.
  • Washing and baptism of initiation of the Kuyas, in the Huarmy lagoon, to authorize works of the Misayoc.
  • Fire ceremony, of the 7 chakras and burnt of offerings.
  • Entrance ticket to the Ausangate. Payment to the community for sleeping and occupying the Ausangate area.
  • Visit to the lagoons, mountains and house of the Altomisayoc Mariano Turpo. Presentation of your Power Table.
  • Last day return to Pacchanta community: 3 pm. We leave you at your hotel in Cusco, at approximately 10 pm.
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We offer and simplify your entire trip to Peru

  • Sun hat, sunglasses, coats and gloves, it’s extremely cold.
  • Sunblock (SPF-35 or more), waterproof jacket or rain poncho.
  • Mineral water, lantern, appetizers, snacks (optional), camera for pictures.

Booking Ceremony

Donation: Huamanlipa Mountain in Cusco, Patapata 1 day and 1 Night.
USD. 390.00
Donation: Ausangate Mountain 2 Days and 1 Night.
USD. 690.00
Donation: Ausangate Mountain 3 Days and 2 Nights.
USD. 830.00
Donation: Ausangate Mountain 4 Days and 3 Nights.
USD. 900.00

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