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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Coca Leaves Reading Cusco Peru

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Reading or Oracles with Coca Leaves in Cusco or hotels.  The Reading of Coca Leaves in Cusco is a means of communication, we can say that the leaves show, predict the future and interpret destiny. The Incas consulted, talked and guided themselves through the coca leaves readings. At present we use them to make a diagnosis of your personal status; in this way we spot your problems and help to find a practical and intelligent solution. The Shaman is a channel that communicates with the astral or divine world through the coca leaves. This ancient practice allows you to find answers to your questions. Some people consult about luck, love, health, work, family, spirituality and others; you can do the Reading of Coca Leaves as part of an Ayahuasca retreat or in a separate way. The reading of Coca Leaves will guide us for your Ayahuasca ceremony.

Readings or oracles are performed by specialized Shamans. The Andean priests connect with the spirit (sacred mother) or alma mater of the divine plant and they communicate through a mysterious power at a higher conscious state. This practice was performed by early cultures in South America, cultures older than the Incas. The Masters specialized in reading coca leaves come from Queros, Ausangate, Paucartambo and other villages in Cusco, Peru. No matter where you are, we can do readings using a cell phone, with Whatsapp through a video call, the Shaman and his assistant translator will be connected to answer your queries. We only ask you to concentrate and believe in the Shaman who will answer any query you want. Contact us.

Coca leaf reading media, guess future and interpret destiny. Coca oracles, predictions with Coca Leaves allow clarifying uncertainties. Oracles with Coca.

Reading of Coca Leaves Cusco

The reading of coca leaves applies to fate and allows you to clarify uncertainties. The Shaman receives information through the shape, size, position and distance of the coca leaves. It is a wisdom inherited from the Inca ancestors, who perfected it through their altomisayoc and pampamisayoc Shamans. This kind of reading can be very useful for the Ayahuasca ceremony or for an Ayahuasca retreat.

The reading of coca is done in five essential areas of human life: health, family, work, spirituality and love. Our Andean specialist Shaman will proceed with the reading in each area successively, he will ask you questions and also you will be able to ask all the questions you need. The coca leaves in addition to the connection made by the Shaman with the subtle natural energies make it possible to know your current state and then discover the best options to solve problems and plan future life. Take advantage of your stay in Cusco to do this typical ceremony of Inca shamanism. Also, you can improve healing with our 3-day Ayahuasca retreat!

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Coca leaf reading media, guess future and interpret destiny. Coca oracles, predictions with Coca Leaves allow clarifying uncertainties. Oracles with Coca leaves.

Booking Ceremony

Coca Leaves Reading, 55 minutes, at the Ceremony Center near Plaza de Armas, Cusco, 3rd floor.
USD. 70.00
Reading of Coca Leaves, from 45 minutes to 1:10 hour, service to hotels or at the Retreats Temple in the countryside.
USD. 90.00
Reading of Coca Leaves, from 60 minutes to 1:30 hour, outside Cusco: Machu Picchu, Urubamba, country house or hotels.
USD. 120.00

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