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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Ritual for Love Cusco

Ritual to change or attract the true Love, the law of spiritual attraction

The ritual for love is a special ceremony of infinite power offered to the spiritual gods through the Shaman; we surrender our heart to the Universe and the Pachamama (Mother Earth) to attract true love to our lives. The ceremony of love purifies all our past, the traces of bad karma of this life and other previous lives. The ritual is magical because it helps to channel and allows to attract through guided energy which determines the desired end; this ritual is aimed at people who were not lucky enough to find their ideal partner or discover true love.

Love is the greatest and most wonderful thing, whose dominant force is capable of changing all purpose in the world, there are no boundaries or limits for it. In the ritual for love the Master Shaman connects our pure essence of love with the infinite love of the celestial world, allows us to attract into our lives the energy called soulmate or unconditional love, which can be anywhere in the world.

The Ritual for love giving your heart to the Universe. attraction of the soul mate or unconditional love, change of luck for love, family union of couples.

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We help with our shamanic techniques to improve, unify and strengthen union in the relationship for couples who have infinite problems of instability, anguish and depression in their love relation. We purify by attracting good energies and luck in love, you will no longer suffer disappointments, difficult ruptures, or experience disappointments and failed long relationships. We make a spiritual connection with the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the universe opening ourselves to total change to a new world and letting the hidden sun within us shine.

We rebuild relationships in marriages or couples that are going through a rough time, expelling misfortunes, negative feelings of our being, fights, traumas, obstacles, and fears. You will not fill yourself with negative thoughts anymore, which destroy life, whose essence is our feelings or inner love. It is time, let the hidden sun shine inside of you, open your heart, leave aside reason to not make more mistakes in love, the time has come to love and to be loved in return. You can also add for your spiritual growth an Ayahuasca retreat or an Ayahuasca ceremony; the sacred plant can heal your life. Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru, Ayahuasca in Cusco

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Booking Ceremony

Ritual for Love, attraction and good luck, at the Ceremony Center near Plaza de Armas, Cusco, 3rd floor.
USD. 80.00
Ritual for Love, attraction and good luck, 1:10 hour, Retreats Temple in the countryside and hotels.
USD. 110.00
Ritual for Love, attraction and special luck, 1:30 hour, outside Cusco: Machupicchu, Ollantaytambo, other archaeological centers and hotels.
USD. 140.00

Note: If you are taking Ayahuasca or Wachuma, you will not pay for the volcanic water service, as it is included in the package we offer. If you prefer to drink it in your hotel room, you will be required to pay US $20.00 for the private service.

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