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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Our Pachamama (Mother Earth) Project

We are the Peruvian Association of Shamans and our current project is preserving the millenary legacy and knowledge of the sacred plants (Ayahuasca, San Pedro) and ancient Inka rituals (reading of coca leaves, cleansing of negative energies, offering to Mother Earth, flowering bath, shamanic training and more), for the benefit of humankind. We are currently doing so with our Cusco City downtown Ceremony Center and the countryside Retreats Temple. But we are further fulfilling our mission with the current project of the Association, which has 4 parts:

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  • Preservation of sacred plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro and also many medicinal herbs from the Andes and the Amazon. In order to do so, we have bought extensions of fertile land and are currently sowing the mentioned plants. It is a massive work of conservation and reforestation, which will make sure these healing vegetables Pachamama (Mother Earth) has given us will always be available for people, to overcome physical and mental illness.
  • Preservation of Andean Cusco’s wonderful fauna: we are also using land bought by us and our countryside Retreats Temple gardens to protect and save typical species which have spiritual meaning and are under threat for several reasons, among them climate change and trafficking. We’re building an animal reservation to protect pumas, llamas, alpacas, condors, other birds and several other species, to have them safe from weather events, illegal hunting and trafficking.
  • Our Pachamama (Mother Earth) Retreats Temple: located on top of a hill, surrounded by majestic mountains, landscapes, woods and strong natural energy flow, we are building the Pachamama Temple, where in the future we’ll do ceremonies, retreats, house our patients, house our Shamans (eventually making this their retirement home), shelter animals and so on. It will be a powerful place for healing and spiritual evolution.
  • Ayahuasca Clinic: this amazing project will blend the ancient shamanic medicinal knowledge with leading-edge scientific, academic medicine. There will be psychologists, general physicians, specialists together with master Andean and Amazonian Shamans, belonging to lineages of healers. For example, psychologists will be able to provide more perspectives on the patients’ visions and experiences during a plant ceremony and even psychoterapy as a complement. Also, specialized doctors could in turn provide their expert input to concur on the bodily healing the sacred plants obtain. The Ayahuasca brew is currently close to being scientifically proven to heal diabetes and prevent cancer, among other benefits for physical health.
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So, this is a major project combining spirituality, cultural preservation, environmental sustainability and social responsibility!

Every ceremony or retreat you do, every shamanic product you buy, will help our Association to reach the goals presented before. This is not only investing in your psychospiritual well-being but also making a huge contribution to prevent extinction of sacred plants and animals with ancient spiritual meanings here in the Andes.

You will be also contributing to preservation of an ancient spiritual and healing knowledge from pre-Hispanic Peru, which can still be so much valuable to the entirety of humankind, fostering major evolution of individual and collective consciousness.

Of course, when you stay at our Shamanic Hostel, are also helping our Project become a reality, helping Pachamama and all her creatures to stay alive, to survive the lack of care from spiritually unevolved minds. You are helping your own spiritual healing, evolution and collective healing and evolution too.

Wachuma Ceremony Cusco - Explore the Ancient Wachuma Ceremony in Cusco

You can also do your Ayahuasca session in Machu Picchu, the amazing Inca citadel.

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