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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Spiritual Marriage Cuzco Peru (Spiritual Inca Wedding)

Spiritual Marriage Cuzco: The Spanish conquerors tried to change the Inca culture, their customs, beliefs, myths and did not succeed, it was like trying to separate the heart from the body.

The Inca marriage is a spiritual worship, promise or pact that can not be renounced, spoken to Heaven, the Tayta Inti (the Father Sun God of the universe) and the Mother Earth or Pachamama (Goddess, mother of the planet), were guided by spirits, the great protector spirits of the mountains, was the perfect duality between man and woman, they represented the Sun and the Moon. With great kindness they prepared them through healing plants, purifying, blessing with love and wisdom, uniting their hearts, body, mind and spirit for all eternity. No spiritual Wedding could be broken by word or agreement by man since it was pure, true, sincere, blessed and sacred love. There was no infidelity, fornication or adultery that went against moral values; if they did not keep the promise, the spiritual Gods would always protect them, but misfortune, disease, and others will be taken as punishment for their betrayal. Spiritual Marriage Cusco.

If the spiritual gods of energy that correspond to the three worlds, such as: the sky (Hanac pacha), the earth (Kay pacha) and the underworld (uku pacha), defiled them forever; Misfortunes, diseases, suffering, karma and even death according to the gravity of sin as punishment for their betrayal of the covenant. The spiritual Marriage Cusco is no joke or mockery, they have to have intentional responsibility to make the sacred pact.

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Dissolution of Wedding (exceptional case)

If the relationship over time does not work for innumerable personal reasons, they should request a dissolution of marriage; Presenting an offering to the spiritual Gods, asking for forgiveness for commitment or covenant. He must explain in this ceremony why they would have to break the marriage since they can not be forced to live as a couple against their will (if there is no love). The spiritual Gods through the shaman will have an answer and we could only make the dissolution of the spiritual marriage in order to free itself or to avoid the mentioned punishments. If the couple disregards the marriage dissolution regulation, punishments will be severe as time passes. We will not be responsible for your dishonest irresponsibility.

Spiritual Marriage

We maintain a traditional Inca pact or secret, organize, guide, prepare, heal by purifying and connecting the hearts of the bride and groom through sacred medicinal plants (body, mind and spirit) with different Inca ancient techniques, strengthen and unify forever the sacred marital covenant, we work looking for moral values, the perfect unconditional bond between man and woman for their absolute happiness. We do a retreat of complete preparation with all techniques, as it was in ancient Peru, ritual Andean ceremonies, Ayahuasca, Wachuma (San Pedro), the purpose is to achieve the perfect duality, being for each other for life. the Inca wedding ceremony is entertaining and wonderful, there is a party, exchange of gifts and garments, with a band of Andean musicians playing throughout the marriage, you would have to experience it to know our magic secret, full of surprises that you would never imagine to happen.

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1. The Spiritual Marriage Cuzco Includes:

  • Start of connection with coca leaves.
  • Marriage and Ceremony of the Marriage Pact: The two Andean priests will make an offering to heaven and earth to ask permission.
  • Through the Apus and Pachamama you will receive the Juñunakuy which is the marriage for life. The Shaman Shipibo will help with his icaros (mystical songs) the brotherly union of the Inca marriage.
  • Private transportation to the Retreat Center. Photos and filming with normal camera (if you wish you can bring your camera).
  • 2 Andean priests (Shamans) who represent the duality of the Inca cosmovision. Assistant and translator, speak Quechua, Spanish and English.
  • Andean clothing for marriage (woman and man). Lunch for the couple, teachers and guests.
  • 1 Pachamama offering for marriage offered to duality (Sun and Moon) and the flower crown.
  • Decoration of the place of marriage with flowers.
  • Chicha de jora (typical Inca drink) wine. Decoration with flowers in the retreat center.
    DURATION OF THE MARRIAGE CEREMONY: approximately 1 to 2 hours with the preparation.
  • If you want a more complete marriage with 5 Andean techniques, read more https://caisae.com/andean-marriage-1-day-sacred-valley/

2. NOT Included In The Spiritual Wedding:

  • Marriage rings (gold and silver preferably). Transportation for guests.
  • Wedding outfit if the couple would not want the typical Inca one. Godparents if you want them.
  • You can request an Andean marriage certificate in the name of the Community of Shamans of Peru.
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3. What’s Included In The Spiritual Blessing Of Rings?

  • Start of connection with coca leaves.
  • Includes the connection, spiritual blessing of hoops or spiritual renewal marital vows. (Does not include flowering bath or food).
  • The difference between the 2 centers that we offer is the comfort and location, check each one for its own energy and choose any of the 2 objection.
  • Those who choose the simple marriage, that is the spiritual blessing, will only have 2 Andean Shamans.
  • Includes the love mooring candle or the flower wreath, according to choice.
  • Does not include offering of Pachamama.
  • Duration of marriage ceremony: 1 hour.

We go where you want to make your marriage like: in Machupicchu, Ollantaytambo. We can also travel anywhere in the world request it; we are possible for your spiritual marriage.

Booking Ceremony

COUPLE, complete mystic marriage in the Patapata Temple (nature 45 minutes from Cusco).
USD. 450.00
COUPLE, Spiritual Blessing of Rings or Renovation at Patapata Temple (nature 45 minutes from Cusco).
USD. 350.00
COUPLE, Complete mystic marriage; inside the city of Cusco, office (Temple 3rd floor).
USD. 350.00
COUPLE, Spiritual Blessing of Rings or Renewal of vows; inside the city of Cusco (Temple 3rd floor).
USD. 250.00

Volcanic Medicinal Water, Internal Cleansing of the Body Total Detox with Mineral Water Cleansing with Volcanic Water. Medicinal water cleanses the body and blood.

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