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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Rescue Area of Flora and Fauna. Conservation and Protection of plants and animals: condor, puma and Andean camelids

We understand the insensitivity of many human beings, but we cannot allow it to continue happening: have we forgotten those who have no voice or vote on this Earth? They are plants and animals, we see daily that they destroy nature and the planet is ending. We see that animals are becoming extinct. They are imprisoned in cages with small spaces, and have no freedom. And those who are free, men hunt them for trade and others. We wonder how we should save them? We realize the harsh reality, there are laws that punish illegal hunters but nothing happens. That is why we think about this project.

Preserving Biodiversity with Inca Agricultural Techniques

Greenhouse areas for the cultivation of medicinal plants (from the coast, mountains and jungle, the same ones that will be used for healing in the clinic) and their transfer to fields enabled for their propagation. We will make a system of Inca terraces similar to Machupicchu for the crops, respecting the structure of the hills. The species for conservation will be: muna, huamanpinta, queuna, marku, chirichiry, supay qarqo, qalasto, llamallama, teaspoon, mokcomoco, eluco layan, qapac sauce, china molle, chiyrumay chuyur, arrayan among other medicinal plants. The irrigation system will be sprinkled, we will collect rainwater in wells in the subsoil. We plan to use an area of ​​30 hectares.

Conservation Efforts for Birds and Animals at Risk

Protection zone, special spaces for the care and protection of birds and animals in danger of extinction with a breeding in the most natural possible (living in a wild way), looking for their natural reproduction we will avoid its extinction and we will breed condors, pumas, vicunas, alpacas, llamas, fish, birds, butterflies, snakes, turtles among other species rescuing from zoos or places of precarious conditions. And we will give considerable space to animals divided by species. The intention is that these animals adapt by getting used to the spaces offered and free. Way of feeding will be provided as the specialists indicate. For example, in case of not getting used, the condor and the puma are in danger of extinction for the price of their skin and feathers, we will make them reproduce and release, at least they would have an area of ​​40,000m2, with a height of 40 meters from hill to hill, protected with adequate meshes, allowing them freedom to roam. We plan to use a total area of ​​64 hectares for animals

Preventing Erosion Through Traditional Inca Structures

Preservation of water channels in the external gardens of the complex, installing decorative structures such as in Tipon waterfalls, Ollantaytambo and construction of Inca terraces respecting the ecosystem of the slopes of the property, avoiding the erosion of the terrain caused by rains.

Use of hydraulics techniques to take advantage of stream waters, to the needs of the gardens. Developing a whole system of greater use of these waters avoiding their loss by returning to the creek surrounding the land of the property.

Harnessing Stream Waters with Hydraulic Techniques

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