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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Pachamama and 5 Ancestral Techniques

Pachamama Ceremony or Offering to Mother Earth Cusco

Pachamama Ceremony: You have the possibility to make a whole package of ancestral ceremonies or separately, they  help you to make a spiritual connection. You do not need any diet, each of the ceremonies lasts approximately 1 hour and you will have different specialty shamans for each of the ceremonies.
For any request, feel free to let us know. If the itinerary is not to your liking, if you would like to shorten your stay, or if you would like to include some other change to which costs may vary, we want you to know we will do our best to accommodate to your needs. Whatever the request, rest assured that your wishes are our commands, if it is reasonable and within the rules of the retreat. For two-person parties or more, we can make special arrangements to have retreats in the Amazon, Machupicchu, or other sacred places.

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Pachamama And 5 Ancestral Techniques

A Mother Earth Ceremony, total of 5 ancient Inca techniques for purification: A cleansing which requires preparation of the mind, body, and spirit. (You can also do an Ayahuasca ceremony or an Ayahuasca retreat). These are:

Medicinal Volcanic Water:

Cleansing water composed of different natural minerals that detoxifies the immune system in general. Cleanses the esophagus, stomach, intestines and makes kidneys eliminate toxic residues, which are expelled orally, urinarily and anally. Preferable to drink it one day before the retreat.

Coca-Leaf Reading:

Used as an oracle, guidance, and to predict the future. The reading of coca leaves allows us a diagnosis and personal counseling. It is important to spot problems, deepen the knowledge of your situation and helps you with the whole healing process.

Cleansing of Negative Energies:

We open the chakras to free your spirit, and prepare your in- and outside before the Ayahuasca ceremony or the Ayahuasca retreat. We purify and cleanse the negative energies of karma, bad vibrations and spiritual sensations accumulated throughout the body.

Offering to the Pachamama:

We ask for improvement on spiritual-, health-, love-, work-, family area and more. We pray for life, food, well-being and for the constant generation of life. We thank for everything we have now, the benefits we received from medicine and from the forces of the universe.

Flowering Bath:

It helps to activate life, channels and charges us with a spiritual cosmic energy, connects us with the great spirits of the universe. It attracts magical positive vibrations and energetic powers, brings us personal protection against negative energies.

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Itinerary Pachamama and 5 Ancestral Techniques

A WHOLE DAY.- You will be fasting, only allowed to drink water. We will pick you up at 9 am to go to our Retreats Temple located in Patapata, in the South Valley. Upon arrival you will begin with the Coca Leaves Reading ceremony. Then we continue with the Energy Cleansing ceremony given that it is very important to send negative energies away. Then you will have a short time to relax, meditate or concentrate. Follows the Pachamama Ceremony, we thank it in order to align the energies in complete harmony with the earth. We conclude with the Flowering Bath which serves for protection against negative energies. Finally there will be a brief conversation to share your experience, the Master Priest can guide you to a clearer understanding of all your experiences with the ceremonies; then you will have something to eat. The return to Cusco city will be at approximately 7:00 pm.

Includes Mother Earth Ceremony:

  • Pick-up from our Shamanic Center in Cusco. Private transportation to and from the CAISAE Retreats Temple located in the Sacred Valley.
  • Lodging for 1 full day at the Retreats Temple. Meal plan consisting of a special diet for work with medicinal plants.
  • Various Andean items used as offerings in the Pachamama (Mother Earth), cleansing, and other ceremonies.
  • An experienced spiritual guide and a translator (Quechua-Spanish-English) will be with you for the entire duration of the healing retreat.
  • We offer a photo session of the various ceremonies of the retreat as a souvenir, without interruption of the actual ceremony (optional).
  • The retreat is carried out by 2 or 3 Shamans native from different tribes of Peru: Qeros, Ausangate, Ashaninkas, Shipibo, Machiguenga, etc.
  • After the ceremony each person will have a personal consultation with the Shaman in which he will talk about the personal healing experience and have the opportunity to learn about the significance of their visions.
  • There will also be group meetings and lessons carried out by the Shaman, so you may share the lessons you’ve learned during the experience and learn about the experiences of others.
  • Relaxing, instrumental Andean music in the center
  • The retreat is available by schedule or on the date you would like to reserve, as long as we receive a few days prior notice.
  • A maximum of 6 participants per group.
Ayahuasca Retreat Peru - Embrace Inner Transformation amidst Peru's Natural Wonders

Booking Ceremony

GRUPAL - Pachamama + 5 Ancient Techniques
USD. 300.00
PRIVATE-Pachamama + 5 Ancient Techniques
USD. 390.00

Volcanic Medicinal Water, Internal Cleansing of the Body Total Detox with Mineral Water Cleansing with Volcanic Water. Medicinal water cleanses the body and blood.

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