Kambo Therapy

Kambo Therapy Cusco

This magical physical and spiritual therapy was first used by the Amazon natives of the forests in South America. Now is used very often by natural medicine followers.

It is basically used for immune system recovery , against many illnesses and is known to also cure mental symptoms like stress, anxiety and depression.

This wonderful medicine therapy consists of a Shamanic ritual that starts with Icaros sang by a Shaman from the Amazon. Drinking water is highly recommended , it helps cleansing of the organs and spirit.

The pacient while drinking water will feel a gente, mild burning . When the scar is open the Kambo frog milk will be positioned on the wound. Immediately that liquid will go around the whole body, charging with heat and comfort the organism.
It is a medicine that helps very much with allergies, ulcers, blood pressure problems, cirrosis, stress, reduction of the libido, anxiety crisis and depression. There is an extended believe that Kambo can purify the physical body from toxic substances as well as purify the mind and spirit from negative energies.

There is a warning to take a medical exam for those pacients with cardio muscle illness or circulatory problems. Diabetes, ulcers, asma, rinitis, blood pressure, cirrosis, stress, PMS, reduction of the libido and also anxiety attacks are also very gently healed in the therapy. The reaction in the Kambo session is of a great feeling of high temperature and weakness then raised by an inmense sensation of goodness and well being.

The Kambo benefits are much better when a vegetarian-fruit diet is followed 2 days prior to the Therapeutic Ritual. The Prana Energy or pure energy invades the body and mind of the patient.

Kambo is ideal for a long lasting protection of the immune system in this uncertain health times, to boost it with this precious gift from the Amazon.

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