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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Ayahuasca Ritual Cusco 3 Days

The Ayahuasca Ritual Cusco: After drinking Ayahuasca, it does not produce side effects such as: hangover, dizziness, physical and mental fatigue. You can continue, even with more spiritual energy, visiting the archeological centers. The ritual includes seven ancient secrets, which you will benefit throughout the healing process of body,mind and spirit. The Ayahuasca ritual is organized by wise Shaman healers from the Amazon, specialized assistants and translators. The quality of our reliable work guarantees your complete safety along the entire Ayahuasca ritual. You pay for top-guaranteed service and a trustworthy personal and professional care during the Ayahuasca ritual (we do not charge for the Ayahuasca brew). We are a team of 120 specialized Shamans who will give a practical solution to your most pressing personal issues.

Ayahuasca Retreat Peru - Explore Healing in Cusco


It is preferable to bring a certificate or doctor’s note that states your good health. The aim is a greater personal safety in the Ayahuasca retreat (Ayahuasca does not kill, on the contrary it helps on your integral physical, mental and spiritual healing process). Otherwise, if you still do not feel confident about your health, you can have a check up with a medical specialist in Cusco on the day of the medicinal volcanic water intake. If you have experience with Ayahuasca, your medical examination would no longer be necessary as long as you do not have any risk or heart problem, or any mental condition which needs medication for life. More information here Contraindications of Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca Ritual 3 Days (Cusco) and the 5 Andean Inca Techniques

Medicinal Volcanic Water: Cleansing water composed of different natural minerals that detoxifies the immune system in general. It cleanses the esophagus, stomach, intestines and makes kidneys eliminate toxic residues, which are expelled orally, urinarily and anally. You can drink the same day of your Ayahuasca ritual.

Coca-Leaf Reading: Used as an oracle, guidance, for predicting the future. The reading of coca leaves allows us to diagnose and give you a personal counseling. It is important to spot problems, to deepen the knowledge of your situation to help you with the whole healing process. It can be a powerful addition to the Ayahuasca ritual.

Cleansing of Negative Energies: We open the chakras to free the spirit, and prepare your inside and outside before the Ayahuasca ritual. We purify and cleanse the negative energies of karma, bad vibrations and spiritual sensations accumulated throughout the body.

Ayahuasca Rituals(2).– The Ayahuasca ritual heals the wounds of the soul, transforms your heart and mind through forgiveness. It purifies the blood, allows a deep spiritual, psychological and physical liberation.

Offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth).– We ask improvement for the spiritual, health, love, work and family area and more. We pray for life, food, well-being and for the constant generation of creation. We thank for everything we have now, for the benefits received from the medicinal plants and from the forces of the universe.

Flowering Bath.– It helps to activate life, channels and charges us with spiritual cosmic energy, connects us with the great spirits of the universe. It attracts magical positive vibrations and energetic powers, brings us personal protection against negative energies.

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Suggestions and/or recommendations:

  • We suggest that you come to the office one day prior to the Ayahuasca ceremony, we are open from 9 am to 9 pm. The idea is to drink the volcanic water to detoxify your immune system, the main requirement before taking Ayahuasca. If you do not have time, you can drink the water the same day of the retreat at the earliest time (the cleansing takes 2 hours). Please avoid eating/drinking for at least 4 hours before the volcanic water intake.
  • You can do the 7 complete ceremonies or just the Ayahuasca ceremonies plus the volcanic medicinal water and/or individually chosen Inca ritual.

Different services included in the Ayahuasca Ritual 3 Days – Peru

  • Daily departures 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. The retreat is available on the date you choose or schedule.
  • Pick up from the shamanic center, round trip from Cusco to the CAISAE Retreat Temple (Sacred Valley South).
  • Accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights (available for 1 or 2 people per room) at the Retreat Temple. Special vegetarian diet.
  • 02 takes of Ayahuasca and 5 Andean ceremonies. (Total 7 different techniques or ceremonies included).
  • Different elements used in the ceremonies, sacred offerings used throughout the healing retreat.
  • Experienced spiritual teachers. An assistant/translator, who speaks Quechua, Spanish and English.
  • We allow you to take pictures on different sessions without interruption for personal record through the helper (optional).
  • The whole retreat is carried by 4 different native Shamans of Peru. Andean: from Qeros and Ausangate tribes; Amazon: from the Ashaninkas, Shipibo or Machiguenga tribes.
  • Meetings, consultations (group or individual) and interpretation of visions with the Shaman to share your experiences.
  • Andean instrumental music for spiritual relaxation and meditation at the Retreat Temple.
  • Private retreat: all the ceremonies will be completely private.
  • Private VIP Retreat: all ceremonies are totally private and so are the volcanic water drinking and transport. You will have 1 spacious and fully furnished room of 50 m2, with bathroom inside, heating and hot water.
  • In the case of private retreats everything is independent, nobody will join any of the ceremonies.
  • The maximum number per group is 6 participants; if the group exceeds 6 participants there will be 2 Shamans to conduct the Ayahuasca ritual in separate rooms.
  • We have capacity for a group of 30 people inside the 1200 m2 Retreats Temple.
Ayahuaca Retreat in Cusco 3 Days

Ayahuasca Ritual 3 Days – Retreat Itinerary

First day Ayahuasca Ritual.- Today you will be fasting, only allowed to drink water. We pick you up at 9 am to go to the Retreat Temple located in Patapata, South Valley. Upon arrival you will start with the Coca Leaves Reading ceremony. Then we will do the Cleansing of Negative Energies because it is very important to get rid of all negatives before doing the Ayahuasca ritual. Next you will have a brief time to relax, meditate or concentrate. At 6:00 pm we continue with the Ayahuasca ritual, the Master Shaman says his prayers to ask for permission from the sacred medicinal plant and from all the forces of the universe, so that the ceremony is in balance with you and nature. Afterwards we will take you to your room to rest.

Second day Ayahuasca Ritual.- During the day you will have a special diet. At 8:00 am you’ll get ready and then have an organic breakfast; at 9 am there will be a meeting to share your experiences with the Master Shaman, who will guide you to a complete understanding of the visions and messages of the Ayahuasca. You will then have free time to go to the pool, meditate, concentrate, walk by the river or others. Throughout the day you will only be drinking water. At 6:00 pm there is the second Ayahuasca ritual, in order to have much more understanding and psychospiritual healing.

Third day.- You will get up at 8:00 am to get ready for breakfast. Then we will have the Pachamama (Mother Earth) Ceremony, we thank her and align our energies in complete harmony with the earth. We conclude with the Flowering Bath, which serves as protection against negative energies. Finally there will be a short conversation to share your experiences, the Master Shaman can guide you to a total understanding of your visions and of the messages from the Ayahuasca ritual. Then we go back to Cusco City. If you want to stay overnight at the Retreat Temple please request, we have furnished rooms for rent on the 3rd level.

Booking Ceremony

I. ECONOMIC SERVICE. (In Cusco City downtown. Retreats Temple The Light 3rd Floor)

BASIC: 2 Ayahuasca and Volcanic Medicinal Water
USD. 350.00
BASIC: 2 Ayahuasca + 5 Andean Inca Techniques
USD. 500.00

II. INTERMEDIATE SERVICE. (At the Retreats Temple in the countryside, 1 hour away from Cusco city in Patapata)

GROUP: 2 Ayahuasca and Volcanic Medicinal Water
USD. 400.00
GROUP: 2 Ayahuasca rituals Cusco + 5 Andean Inca Techniques
USD. 550.00

III. PRIVATE SERVICE. (At the Retreats Temple in the countryside, 1 hour away from Cusco city in Patapata)

PRIVATE: 2 Ayahuasca and Volcanic Medicinal Water
USD. 495.00
PRIVATE: 2 Ayahuasca + 5 Andean Inca Techniques
USD. 650.00

IV. VIP SPECIAL SERVICE. (At the Retreats Temple in the countryside, 1 hour away from Cusco city in Patapata)

VIP: 2 Ayahuasca + 5 Andean Inca Techniques
USD. 590.00
VIP: 2 Ayahuasca + 5 Andean Inca Techniques
USD. 750.00
Ayahuasca Retreat Peru - Find Connection in Cusco, Peru

Ayahuasca ritual Peru. The Temple of the Moon shows the Andean spirit and the spirit of the Ayahuasca. The Temple exhibits a few statues beheaded by the Spanish to eliminate the beliefs of the Incas. The Condor is the guardian of the Universe and the messenger of the gods. It purifies negative energies and teaches us absolute fidelity. The Cougar represents governance, intelligence, strength and power. It is the guardian of the territory, his paws connect the Earth with Nature. The Snake stands for the mysterious path or the infinite wisdom and is the spirit of the sacred Ayahuasca. It is the connection to the astral realm and to the Uku Pacha (spirits’ realm). The Llama is the remuneration or “payment”, its pure heart was offered to the Hanan Pacha and its blood was sacrificed to the gods. The Temple of the Moon is a sacred site where offerings and Wachuma ceremonies are done at important dates according to the astronomy.

Ayahuasca Ritual 3 days – Peru, conducted by wise Shaman healers from Amazon, specialized assistant translators. Ayahuasca ritual Ayahuasca Cusco Ayahuasca rituals.

You can also do your Ayahuasca session in Machu Picchu, the amazing Inca citadel.

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Wachuma Ritual 4 days

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Offering to Mother Earth

Negative Energy Cleaning

Shaman School in Cuzco

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Inca Marriage + Machupicchu 9 days

Inka Marriage 6 days

Andean Wedding 3 days

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