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Ceremonias Curativas con Plantas Medicinales Ancestrales

Andean Marriage in the Lands of the Sacred Valley in Cusco 1 Day

We offer an original Inca Wedding of 1 day, the Master Shamans are spiritual guides or energetic channels. The Andean priests (Shamans) ask for permission to connect with the spiritual forces of heaven and earth. Through the spiritual energetic source you are married so that your marriage is enduring and blessed by God or the spiritual energy that represents all the forces of the universe.

Andean Wedding OPTIONS: We suggest more options of Inca marriages by choosing 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 6 or 9 days. Just decide and coordinate with us, if you want a true marriage with original, actual Shamans. We do a professional work of absolute concentration during the Inca wedding retreat, through the Andean priests (Shamans). Spiritual preparation is very important before marriage; we use for the internal cleansing of mind, body and spirit, medicinal plants such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro before marriage. It includes different ancient ceremonies to work the external energies. The preparation for the marriage through Ayahuasca and San Pedro (Wachuma) we make it from 2 days onwards, in the following way: A) Ceremony of initiation and spiritual recognition. B) Ceremony of spiritual cleansing and purification. C) Ceremony of healing and reconciliation. D) Marriage Unification Ceremony.

cusco andean marriage

This Ceremony Includes:

  • Volcanic Purgative Water: It is a medicine used to purge, it detoxifies the body in general. Cleanses the esophagus, stomach and kidneys. Eliminates toxic chemical residues by the bucal, urinary and anal vias. It has natural minerals that your body needs.
  • Coca Leaves Reading or Oracle: Spiritual communication guide or oracle, prediction. We make a personal diagnosis and counseling. It detects your problems, we advise and help to solve them along your healing process.
  • Cleansing of Negative Energy: It cleans and purifies negative energies: it expels spiritual overloads, bad karma, depression, stress accumulated in your body and mind. We open your chakras, free your mind and help your being.
  • Offering to the Pachamama: We thank by offering coca leaves, we thank for all what we receive. Pray for food, life, and protection by the forces of the universe. We ask for health, love, family, work and others.
  • Bath of Flowers for Love: Recharges spiritual cosmic energy, connects with the great spirits of the universe. Attracts energetic powers. It serves for the personal protection against negative energies.
  • Inca Spiritual Wedding: It is a sacred promise/covenant with Heaven and Earth. Blesses the couple by receiving all goodness and forces of the universe. Unite the couple in body, mind and spirit so that there are no lies, envy, infidelity, misunderstanding and they always live in complete harmony and happiness for the rest of their days.
  • Ceremony of Marital Well-Being.- The Master Shaman will perform a blessing ceremony where the bride and groom plant a seed, it will be their fruit, represents the future of their relationship.

Andean Marriage 1 Day Cusco-Itinerary:

Inca Marriage: It is the pure reflection of the most sincere and profound feelings of two souls who want to have this union or marriage, seeks to establish the spiritual bond with nature and to achieve the blessing of it, through a ritual that takes into account Andean traditions.

Marriage is the beginning of a life of union between two people who swear eternal and true love, who are one in two souls. Sharing and giving love, protection, understanding. We start very early in the morning at 7:00 am, when we head to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in private transport and where we will start the marital union of man and woman before the Andean Gods, Sun, Moon, Stars, Mother Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

They will be our witnesses of the union. We start taking the Volcanic Purgative Water, we will have a time of approximately 1:30 minutes, to be able to finish with the process of detoxification of our body. Then we will have the Coca leaves Reading ceremony, to know the things you want to know and have a wonderful marriage. We go on to do the Negative Energy Cleansing, for the couple and that on their lives there are no bad energies. Then we will have the Offering to the Pachamama wedding and the Bath of Flowers for Love, gratitude to Mother Earth for everything she gives us and attract the good energy for the contracting partner.

Then we will begin our main ceremony where the Andean priest (Shaman) will join the couple until the end of their days, closing the link with a ring between them; we will have the snack and the typical Andean beverage (chicha de jora) in honor of the union of both, we will celebrate with typical Andean music with our guests and godparents. Ceremony of Marital Well-Being: the Master Shaman will perform a blessing ceremony where the bride and groom plant a seed, it will be their fruit, represents the future of their relationship.

Mystic Inca Marriage Cusco

The Andean Marriage 1 Day Includes:

  • Start of connection with coca leaves.
  • Private transportation to the Retreatment Center.
  • Assistant, translator; Quechua, Spanish and English speaking.
  • 6 different Master Shamans for your entire retreat, if you do all Andean techniques.
  • 3 Master Shamans in case of marriage withoutdoing the Andean techniques represent the 3 universal energies.
  • Spiritual blessing of rings or Renewal of botos.
  • Photos and filming with normal camera.
  • Typical Andean outfits for the marriage ceremony (woman and man).
  • Lunch for the couple, Master Shamans and guests.
  • Chicha de jora (typical inca beverage).
  • Beer and wine for the offering and tinkacuy.
  • Duration of the marriage 6 hours if it is complete technique, otherwise 3 hours.
  • Simple flower decoration at the Retreat center.

Not Included Andean Marriage 1 Day:

  • Wedding rings (gold and silver preferably).
  • Transportation for guests.
  • Wedding ceremony outfit if the couple does not want the Andean one.
  • Godparents if you wanted them.
  • Accommodations. Special food.
  • Additional suit if the couple does not want the typical Andean costume.
  • Godparents if I wanted them. Professional photographer + photo editing (you can request $ 150)
  • You can request instrumental music from your marriage such as quenas, tambor, zampoña etc.
  • Andean marriage certificate (you can request it if you want $ 50).
matrimonio inka cusco

Recommendations for this Ritual:

  • Hikking tennis shoes, extra clothing, umbrellas or poncho if on rainy season.
  • Mineral water, toilet paper and hygiene items, sunblock, hat etc.
  • Photographic & filming camera.
  • Some type of fruit for the Offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth).
  • Mineral water, if you want we can arrange alcoholic beverages for your entertainment.

If you want your marriage in archaeological center such as: Machupicchu, Ollantaytambo or anywhere in the region, request it, we will arrange everything.

Booking Ceremony

DONATION BY COUPLE: Group Marriage (Shared with other clients in ceremonies, includes the Marriage Offering + flowering baths).
USD. 690.00
DONATION BY COUPLE: Private Marriage (all service is private, includes Marriage Offering + Blossoming Baths).
USD. 790.00
DONATION BY COUPLE: Full Group Marriage (Shared Service with other clients in their ceremonies + 5 Complete Techniques, except in the Inca marriage).
USD. 890.00
DONATION BY COUPLE: Full Private Marriage complete (all the service is private + the 5 ancestral techniques).
USD. 990.00

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