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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Ayahuasca Retreat Cusco

The many benefits of doing it with us. Quick guide

Coming to amazing Cusco region for an Ayahuasca retreat is surely the best choice possible! Here in our community, we have genuine Amazonian Shamans, the true Ayahuasca masters, bearers of a millenary legacy of wisdom from generations of healers.

wachuma san pedro ceremony in cusco

Ayahuasca Retreat in Cusco

The Cusco region is well-known worldwide for its wonderful natural beauty and fantastic archaeological sites. It is also one of the most strongly energetic and mystical spots in the planet, visited by spiritual and healing seekers from all over the world. The vast majority of them come back home with major improvement and some even stay here for life.

The Ayahuasca is a healing and master plant, being used for thousands of years in Peru, particularly in the Amazonian jungle. On the healing part, the mystical brew has proven efficacy for overcoming childhood traumas, repressed emotional wounds, depression, anxiety, PTSD, all kinds of addictions and more. Also, the plant teaches about God, spirituality, ecological balance, can give profound mystical insights and experiences.

Doing an Ayahuasca retreat in Cusco will bring all those psycho-spiritual benefits. Also, there is growing research about the healthy effects the brew has on the body, like preventing cancer and possibly curing diabetes.

Wachuma Cusco - Discover Ancient Wisdom and Healing with Wachuma in Cusco

Doing an Ayahuasca Retreat in Our Community

We have a typical ceremony room in our Shamanic Temple in downtown Cusco City, close to many hotels, vegetarian/vegan restaurants and easily accessible.
Also, our community of Shamans has a Retreats Temple in the countryside, 1 hour south of Cusco City, in the middle of the mountains, woods, next to a river and a small stream. It is a place with powerful natural energy, several ceremony rooms, comfortable lodging and all you need for a very good Ayahuasca retreat stay.

We are a team of expert Shamans and professional staff. For every Ayahuasca retreat, they are conducted by Amazonian Shamans belonging to generations of Shaman relatives. Every session also has experienced and trained assistants who are fluent in English and other languages.

Your safety and healing are our top priorities. We make sure you have had the correct preparation (diet, volcanic water detox, relaxed state of mind, no use of drugs and/or alcohol at all, etc) and you are in good physical shape for the Ayahuasca retreat (no heart conditions, no psychiatric illness, etc).

Finally, our Shamanic community is ecology-friendly. We have incorporated in our operations the avoidance of plastic pollution and major reduction of carbon footprint sources. In terms of social responsibility, the association employs many Shamans, both Inca and Amazonian, for the benefit of many families. Also, clients who come for an Ayahuasca retreat immensely help our local economy to keep going.

Peru is the best place in the world for an Ayahuasca retreat. And certainly Cusco City is among the top options in the country. Choose the professionalism and safety of our Shamanic community!

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You can also do your Ayahuasca session in Machu Picchu, the amazing Inca citadel.

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Wachuma Ritual 4 days

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Inca Marriage + Machupicchu 9 days

Inka Marriage 6 days

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