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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Karpay Ceremony

What is Karpay?

Those who receive the Karpay initiation are people who will help and cure. The Karpay is more than honor, it is a spiritual gift that requires discipline, responsibility and personal effort. The Karpay ceremony is a very sacred and divine commitment, power is channeled through Heaven and earth. The spiritual energy of light enters your being to govern and serve the right way. The altomisayoc Shaman is the one who … read more carpay apu ausangate mystical inca

Shaman School Cusco

1: Karpay Ceremony, Cleansing At The Apu Ausangate

Technical Secrets of the Male Otorongo and the Blue Lagoon: We start with the Energy Cleansing ceremony. In a sacred place near the campsite we prepare the offering presenting it to the great Apu (sacred mountain) Ausangate at the foot of the magic stone. Then we go to introduce ourselves to the Laguna de Otorongo (Blue Lagoon), we bring our HUCHAY, that is to say our sins, karma or guilts which will be sent into the lagoon; all our problems, infinite karmas and worries. We do it through a payment with different offerings or elements used for the unification of the body, mind and spirit. We leave all bad karma in the Laguna del Otorongo, it will then be the will of the spiritual forces of the universe to help us: the YACHAY or power of wisdom, the CAUSAY, origin of life and the YANCAY which is the energy of the work in the lagoon.

The purpose is to cleanse our entire body and mind, the impurities are going down the water, which carries all evils through its currents, taking them to the Blue Lagoon which is on the left side of the Ausangate. The Blue Lagoon is the mouth of a prehistoric giant anaconda that absorbs all our HUCHAY, which are sent to the bottom or center of the Earth where the evil energy is purified. They also say that this giant lagoon is an access to the other world from where the children of the Sun came, that is, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo. By means of incense, condor feathers and other secrets of the Pampamisayoc Shamans, they deliver or send everything to the Ausangate which absorbs all negative energies.

An Ayahuasca ceremony or Ayahuasca retreat can be the best complement to your emotional and spiritual healing. Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru, Ayahuasca ceremony in Cusco.

karpay ceremony cusco

2. The Karpay Ausangate, Beginning Of The Work For The Spiritual Journey

An introduction to the Ausangate ceremony: Having done the general energy cleansing of Karpay, we have received the authorization and initiation of the Ausangate, we have received its strength, energy and power through its 3 sacred lagoons, the Pachamama, plants, living beings and finally the connection with the universe or celestial forces. By means of a Master Altomisayoc Shaman you are introduced to the Ausangate; it will be the Apu who will evaluate your heart and decide acceptance for your initiation. We present 2 offerings or ceremonies:

Offering to the Apu Ausangate: It represents the connection with the celestial world. There are different offerings or sacred foods especially to the Apu Ausangate, we introduce ourselves with faith, a pure and sincere heart which will be appraised and in the end according to our intentions we will be accepted or rejected by the Ausangate.

Offering to the Pachamama: It represents the living spirits, animals and plants. Through different offerings or sacred foods we ask permission to the Pachamama, let her open her infinite heart and allow the connection with the great Apu Ausangate.

Benefits Received from the Karpay Ceremony

We receive according to our intention, energy, strength and power from the Ausangate:

  • Initiation of the Apu Ausangate, Pachamama and Lagoons to be a Master Shaman.
  • Regular people who wish to receive energy and intention to fulfill personal desires.
  • Learning secrets and permission to receive the wisdom of the Ausangate.
  • Spiritual power, receiving authorization to work on healing people.
  • Shamans who want to receive the strength and powers of the Ausangate.
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3. The Karpay Ausangate

We do it in the evening between 8 pm and 12 pm according to the energy, when the cold wind hits the front of the Ausangate in the middle of the 3 lagoons: Otorongo female, Otorongo male and Barn. The spirit of the Ausangate receives your intention and communicates by opening the heart of the Pachamama and delivering your promise or pact so that you can help people; from then on the Apu will be your guide. This ceremony is performed by an Altomisayoc Shaman who with his powerful table helps to communicate with the Ausangate, and also receives the light or spiritual power together with his Table or Ccoyas. The next day will be the baptism of the Table with the Ccoyas, drinking of the crystalline sacred water and some will bathe for their respective purification.

4. The Fire Ceremony

After having received the Karpay, that is, the energetic power of the spiritual light of the great Apu Ausangate, we do the ceremony of fire, the combination of fire and cold giving the balance and connecting to the Ausangate. Inca astronomical knowledge was advanced for their time. According to archaeologists, the consecrated fire was included in rituals with different offerings and represents the balance and order of the universe. In our worldview the creation of the Sun was represented with the ceremony of the fire, thus maintaining the continuity of the solar motion. They requested and thanked the solar support to the divine or spiritual forces. Help in life, love, family, relationship or friends, health, work and economy. Reconciliation with enemies, well-being or personal growth and improvement in the quality of life, general protection and enlightenment, spiritual development and other things, their worship was integral and holistic. The purpose is helping the world either collectively or individually, contacting the Cosmos and spiritual forces of the Universe.

This ceremony can be empowered with an Ayahuasca retreat or an Ayahuasca ritual. Ayahuasca in Peru, Ayahuasca in Cusco.

karpay iniciation cusco

The Karpay Ausangate includes:

  • Transfer from Cusco to the village of Tinki (3 to 4 hours approximately) and return from Pacchanta to Cusco.
  • Transfer from Tinki to the community of Upis Pachanta (1:30 hour) and return to Pacchanta on the given day.
  • From the community of Upis on horses to the Ausangate mountain, (1:30 hour) and return on the indicated day.
  • Spiritual translator (Speaks Quechua, Spanish and English).
  • Sleeping tents, dining tent, mat, sleeping bags, carrier horse and cook.
  • 2 Shamans, male and female, for a group of more than 3 persons; otherwise only 1 Shaman.
  • Complete food for the days of Karpay.
  • Return by the 3 lagoons. And we take a tour to the mountains of Shaman Mariano Turpo on horses.

Offerings or ceremonies we use on Karpay:

  • Cleansing, spiritual and energetic purification before starting the Karpay.
  • Work of the 7 chakras, before shamanic initiation.
  • 04 different Andean ceremonies, only for the Karpay. The offerings are aimed at the 4 sources of the Earth.
  • 1 Flowering Bath of initiation and blessing for the spiritual path of the Shaman.
  • Delivery of the MISAYOC Shaman work Power Table: khuyas, 7 chakras stones, lliclla or tablecloth and bell.
  • Washing and baptism of initiation of the Kuyas, in the Huarmy lagoon, to authorize works of the Misayoc.
  • Fire ceremony, of the 7 chakras and burnt of offerings.
  • Entrance ticket to the Ausangate. Payment to the community for sleeping and occupying the Ausangate area.
  • Visit to the lagoons, mountains and house of the Altomisayoc Mariano Turpo. Presentation of your Power Table.
  • Last day return to Pacchanta community: 3 pm. We leave you at your hotel in Cusco, at approximately 10 pm.

What we offer for your trip to Peru:

We can help you organize all your itinerary in Cusco.

  • Pick up at the airport and ride back to the airport. (Also hotels, transfers, trips, etc.)
  • Furnished apartment: 1 double bed with private bathroom, 2 private separate rooms, with shared bathroom, 6 blocks from the Plaza the Armas (Main Square) in Cusco city
  • Trip to Machu Picchu, all the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Puno, the Amazon Rain Forest, that is, a big part of Peru.
  • Simply tell us when you will arrive in Cusco and when will you depart. How many days off would like to have for doing what you like, which places you would like to visit and what type of hotel you will need. So we can send you a complete itinerary according to your requirements.
ausangate karpay iniciation cusco

What you should bring to the Karpay Ceremony:

  • Sun hat or cap, sunglasses, coats, gloves, because it is extremely cold.
  • Sunscreen (SPF-35 or more), waterproof jacket or rain poncho.
  • Mineral water, lantern, appetizers, snacks (optional). Photographic camera.

Booking Ceremony

Donation: Huamanlipa Mountain in Cusco, Patapata 1 day and 1 Night.
USD. 390.00
Donation: Ausangate Mountain 2 Days and 1 Night.
USD. 690.00
Donation: Ausangate Mountain 3 Days and 2 Nights.
USD. 830.00
Donation: Ausangate Mountain 4 Days and 3 Nights.
USD. 900.00

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