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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Holy Temazcal Cusco

We are very glad to introduce to you the wonderful ritual of “Temazcal Sweat Lodge”.

Temazcal is a Mesoamerican Bath Therapy Ritual for healing of the body, spirit and soul.
This amazing therapy was originated 5,000 years ago by the Ancient Indian Communities of Mexico in Pre historic times for spiritual and body health hygiene.
Temazcal temple represents the womb of the Mother Earth (Pachamama).

In this ritual there is an instant connection with our inner self as well as the universe and ancestral relatives. Since this ritual works on many healing levels the connection with the ancestors just occurs quite easily.
Hipocrates, father of the Western medicine used to say “Give me fever and I will heal you of any disease”. That is very true, do to the overheated environment the temple of Temazcal generates in the enclosure. Vapor and heat emerge from touching the hot rocks and provokes a wonderful sense of relaxation and peace of mind.
Physically, there is a purifying healing process of the respiratory system and digestion. At the same time the nervous structure relaxes helping liberate stress, bone disease as muscular and gineco- obsteric illnesses.

In the Temazcal therapy there is a profound and complete bond with our Gaia (Beloved Earth). The therapy is so sacred and pure that it arises our senses to a maximum awareness.

This experience gives a magical spiritual access to consciousness for human evolution while relaxingly enjoying a sweat lodge cleansing.

The Temazcal experience gives us the chance to go into deep introspection, reflection and a clear attention vision. This happens due to the elevated temperatures, above 40 degrees.

The body skin develops a purifying 3rd kidney function.

The medicine water baths could be enriched with Rosemary, Cinnamon, Lemmon, Orange blossom, Azahars, Jasmin or Eucaliptus, depending of the healing needs.

Benefits of the Temazcal Therapy

  • Boosts nervous system.
  • Purifies respiratory channels and digestive system.
  • Helps in bone problems, muscles and gineco obstetric diseases.
  • Promotes relaxation of the mind and body .
  • Fights insomnia & depressing or nervous states.
  • Tones the body skin.
  • Relief of pre menstrual symptoms.
  • Fights sinusitis.
  • Hidrates heals and regenerate hair.
  • Benefits blood motion.
  • Promotes weight loss.
  • Could be used for aphrodisiac purposes.
  • Heals skin scars.
  • Relief of hepatic irregularities.
  • Helps the release restrained emotions.
  • Good for fighting Arthritis.

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