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San Pedro or Huachuma, the “Grandfather, male spirit of the Andes,” heals and harmonizes your inside and outside of your being. It is a pure, mysterious light that makes your eyes shine with complete love. San Pedro is not a drug, it is a natural magical plant from the Inca ancestors. It awakens the absolute clarity of consciousness, connects you with the pure essence of your interior to obtain unconditional love.

Wachuma in Cusco, Huachuma retreats Cusco. It helps to sharpen the senses, open the subconscious of the heart and senses, reconnects with divinity and with the inner essence of your being. It allows you to connect with the mysterious power of the universe and the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and to show you the inner light of your heart. Purifies emotions, body, thoughts, helps to release the totemic animals that can be found in your dark interior, reinstalling the spiritual light.

Wachuma makes your eyes shine with pure and eternal love. The experience of San Pedro has a duration between 6 and 12  hours. Generally it is taken in daytime in a very pure and special place, by the mountains, rivers and natural vegetation, where there is no interruption of cars and people. We are available 365 days a year, the ceremony is conducted by a certified specialist Shaman and his personal assistant.

According to his book; the Cactus of the mystery, where he talks about curing cases of cancer, traumas of incest and witchcraft (everything related to the physical and psychological, called disease of the soul).

Mr. Felipe Hernández Cisneros from Mexico 5552753310 cured of psoriasis by San Pedro.
The San Pedro is much softer than the Ayahuasca, and it is also used more for connection with nature and with God than for the healing of unconscious traumas, addictions, etc. as it’s in the case of the Ayahuasca.

It is more indicated, I repeat, to connect mystically than to cure, although it also has good healing effects. You will have wonderful visions and reflections, will feel integrated with the energy of nature and with the inner divinity of your being. Huachuma is neither toxic nor addictive, does not generate side effects either. The psychedelic-entheogen compound of Wachuma is mescaline, also present in other cacti such as peyote. Wachuma or San Pedro is the light that makes your eyes shine with Love.

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