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Negative Energy Cleansing Cusco

Negative energy cleansing: negative energy overloads come from several sources that are around and are absorbed in every circumstance. We live in very difficult times with stress, tensions, economic problems, family, health, love, emotional and psychological difficulties or negative memories that arise in our life, social crisis and different factors that influence health in a bad way. It is necessary and indispensable to do a release of negative energy to be strong in spirit, with positive energy and a healthy mind. The purification from negative energies is a ritual for psychic defense, it’s a super efficient tool to remove from yourself or your home the bad vibrations or negative feelings that were accumulating in your personal habitat. It can be a great addition to an Ayahuasca ceremony or an Ayahuasca retreat. This negative energy is the mother soul of feelings of anxiety, anger, discontent, melancholy, sadness, emotional dissatisfaction, violence and failure among others. Ayahuasca in Peru, Ayahuasca in Cusco can be also done to improve the healing effects of the negative energy cleansing.

Spiritual cleansing or Negative energy: spiritual cleansing; negative energies are cause and effect processes that attract countless health problems, such as illnesses caused by negative thoughts, negative emotions, bad experiences of childhood and conflicting relationships among others. We must be concerned with cleansing the body and aura of negative energies. Matter is energy that expresses the universe, it is formed by the world of positive and negative spiritual energy, they also symbolize powers of divine light and darkness. We live in difficult times of violence and infinity of personal problems. Cleaning negative energies is important so that our energy vibrates in a positive continuity, which will determine that the physical, intellectual and energetic system is correctly activated. This healing Inca technique can be complemented with an Ayahuasca ritual or an Ayahuasca retreat, for greater effects.

negative energy cleaning ceremony cusco

How to recognize negative energies:

  • When there are problems, confrontations, arguments, fights, hatred without reason in the air.
  • When you feel rejections or strange energies. Rejection from the loved one.
  • Constant sensation of weight, discouragement, most of the things we do go wrong.
  • Frequent relationship problems. Moisture in the walls of the house.
  • Our plants get sick and fade despite having the proper care.

Cleansing of negative energy:

You are your home, each place represents a part of you and the fuming with holy sticks and incense is a way to feed your spirit. People are able to feel and have the perception of healing our home or workplace, this type of realization is intuitive, the body feels the lack of something and wants to leave behind that which prevents us from being happy. Negative energy is easier to perceive than positive energy, it allows you to go back into the past to bring up bad memories and expell discontent, displeasure, anger, sadness and other negative feelings. The energetic influence of our environment reacts with people when they heal, transforming the energy of your space into positive energy. With its help we alleviate many problems, lighten the burden that keeps us from being happy. If you do the cleansing of negative energies and then an Ayahuasca ceremony or an Ayahuasca retreat, your emotional and spiritual improvement will be much greater.

negative energy cleaning cusco

Cleansing Of Negative Energy Or Cleaning The Energetic Aura

In negative energy cleansing we begin with breathing, meditation and constant effort, while the Andean Shaman does the work with the smoke of incenses or other secret ingredients to achieve the release and the removal of negative energy, feeling the energy of our power animals. The condor feather releases everything negative, we invoke our Apus (spirits of the mountains) and the Pachamama (Mother Earth) to expel all bad energy. Positive energy enters our being to strengthen us and discover ourselves. Mother Earth will give us harmony, calm, the love we need; we will feel the peace we need, the goal is to create the ascending spiritual mantle that purifies, cleans the air and expels the negative energy of our environment. Meditation opens ways to the intention to cleanse body, mind and release all negative. Cleansing makes a complete analysis and helps to remove all the negative energy from your body. It uses an infinity of elements in the ceremony of cleaning of the auras; plenty of shamanic offerings are used for the cleansing to make effect. An Ayahuasca retreat in Cusco or an Ayahuasca ceremony in Cusco can be a much valuable addition to your spiritual healing, for example, the Ayahuasca retreat 3 days.

Cleansing of Negative Energies

Booking Ceremony

Cleansing of Negative Energies, 55 minutes, at the Ceremony Center, near Plaza de Armas Cusco, 3rd floor.
USD. 80.00
Cleansing of Negative Energies, 1:10 hour, 45 minutes from Cusco, Retreats Temple in the countryside.
USD. 100.00
Cleansing of Negative Energies, special 1:30 hour, outside Cusco: Machupicchu or other archaeological centers.
USD. 150.00

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