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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Shaman School in Cusco Yachay Huasi Inca or Shamanic School in Cuzco

The Ancient Shamanic Center School YACHAY HUASI INCA

Shaman School in Cuzco: the Shaman School teaches our YACHAY HUASI INCA Philosophy, preserved by the AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE. Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit.

MISSION Shamanic School.- Yachay Huasi Inca: we invite every citizen of the world to learn in our shamanic academy, if you wish to develop your full potential. We all have the Holy Spirit, the Dharma or Universal Mystic Law, the loving essence of the heart and the absolute goodness of life.

VISION Shamanic School.- To help improve people’s way of being, thinking and feeling, aiming to transmute their negative destiny into a positive one. Guiding by teaching people how to protect the environment and the planet. The vision of the shamanic academy is full happiness in all areas of life, learning to create and enjoy.

Shamans School Cusco

GOALS Shaman School in Cuzco

  • You will learn at the shamanic academy to raise awareness of your being in times of extreme crisis, strengthening your heart more and more. You will experience every moment of your existence and enjoy mysteries and extraordinary changes. Start willing to live for the purpose of love, peace, full happiness in every moment of your life.
  • Our shamanic workshops teach people to improve on their daily tasks, leading a path of conscious attitude and continuous personal growth in all aspects of life. The goal is to responsibly change and develop your inner excellence.
  • Our shamanic workshops help develop your intelligence, whose essence is a deep discernment between good and evil, choosing the right path of balance, of better living.
  • In the mind there is only wisdom, reason, judgment and common sense. Intelligence connected to the heart will cause thoughts, actions and words to express themselves with unconditional love. It will drive the darkness of your being into the abyss, it will awaken your heart from a deep sleep.
  • The Shaman school in Cuzco is a sacred temple capable of changing everything we want, we will offer the service of unconditional love, respect, gratitude, harmony with Heaven and Earth. A better way of living is the right virtue that takes shape in your heart nourished by moral values.
wachuma san pedro ceremony in cusco

Teaching Shamanism at the Yachay Huasi Inca

  • Students will have the advice and service of the entire AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE team. The ancient techniques have been kept for generations. The idea is to follow the Andean priests, Masters and disciples, forming suitable successors that will maintain, improve and evolve the healings for future times.
  • The Shamans belong to the Quechua and Aymara Andean communities and the Amazonian ones of the Shipibos, Ashaninkas, and Machiguengas, without excluding the support of Shamans from other tribes. Students will have lodging and food, demonstrate their ability and efficiency to serve and will go through several selection stages, otherwise they will not pass the test.
  • Students will go through several initiations with Ayahuasca until they achieve the major trance or transcendental archaic ecstasy. It is the Holy Spirit, the Dharma, whose roots are on millennial teachings. Our shamanic studies include learning the Pachamama rituals, energy cleansing, flowering baths, coca reading, Wachuma and Ayahuasca, learning to conduct all ceremonies and interpreting the visions of Ayahuasca with the Master Shaman.

Introduction to the course at the Shaman School in Cuzco

The registrations and shamanic classes are personalized, we start every day, it is enough that there is at least 1 person interested. The shamanic studies are 20% theoretical and 80% practical (the practice is face-to-face, the Shaman teaches directly doing the work with clients). The Shamans speak Quechua and have an assistant translator, who speaks Spanish, Quechua and English. The minimum time to learn is 1 month for those who have experience and a maximum of 6 months (it will depend on how much you learn and how much effort you put into your studies). The exams are written and practical, every 15 days we do the evaluations, according to performance and learning. A Master Shaman evaluates how much time remains to learn and determines if the student is ready to perform as Shaman, in the different ancient techniques.

Theoretical classes are 1 times a week at the beginning and practice sessions 3 to 5 times a week, the process is slow but safe.

flowering bath cusco master

To Become a Shaman School in Cuzco You Have to be Registered Yachay Huasi Inca

The Shaman School in Cuzco Yachay Huasi Inca educates Masters Shamans with good moral values, who in the future can serve, practice, teach or work according to our Inca philosophy. You will receive all the information or training about the work process during the shamanic studies. The theoretical course lasts 1 week, however you will attend the ceremonies as observer. The main requirement we ask for is the confidentiality of the initiation of the entire Ayahuasca ceremony with the 7 complete techniques. The Master will evaluate your commitment and intention, if they are really adequate for the career or spiritual work as a Shaman. If you approve, you will go to the second process, practical works where you will learn the chores, secrets and techniques of the different Shamans.

Objective, organization, study time of a Shaman

This work of training and learning to be a Shaman or spiritual guide will depend on his intention or objective on what he wants to learn; also work, spiritual experience in its different branches and factors are evaluated. For the aspirants to learn the Andean ceremonies it is a bit easier, but they should study a lot since they will present a research work about everything they studied, we recommend bringing laptops to do the assignments. However, for the aspirants to be teachers or spiritual guides of Ayahuasca it will take more time, dedication and learning for the secrets and mysteries of healing of this sacred plant. Also the learning of the icaros sung by the Shaman and the mother Ayahuasca, it is not easy to be an Ayahuasca Shaman; for example, entering the long and rigorous diets that the specialty Shaman will ask for during the apprenticeship (for this specialty you need time, dedication and discipline).

Within the first month the student will attend all the ancient ceremonies and the Ayahuasca ones as assistant-spectator; after the first month of taking Ayahuasca, the student could start doing his professional practices accompanying the Shaman. If the Master Shaman authorizes it, the student feels prepared and is able to practice the acquired knowledge, he will apply the teachings with the Master Shaman in the retreats.

comunidad de chamanes peru

Training to be a Shaman with the ancient techniques of Caisae. Costs

The training to be a Shaman will have a minimum duration of two months (in case you already have practice and knowledge or experience, otherwise it would be more than 3 months at least), to six months to a year at most depending on your performance and learning. The future Shaman must be humble, skilled and obey all the teachings of the shamanic team (rules and policies inside and outside the Retreats Temple).

After the first or second month of taking Ayahuasca, the student could begin to do his professional practices accompanying the Shaman. If the Master authorizes it and the student feels prepared and able to practice the acquired knowledge, he will apply himself the Master’s teachings in retreats. Training for Shamans will have a minimum duration of two months (in case you already have practice and knowledge or experience; otherwise it would be more than 3 months minimum), and six months to a year at most according to your performance and learning. The future Shaman must be humble, skilful and obey all the teachings of the Shaman team (rules and policies inside and outside the retreat center).

The student must pay all the indicated costs before beginning his work or spiritual preparation. The total cost for the first month is US$3500.00 (Includes housing in the retreat center, breakfast, lunch and dinner, all basic). On the second month, aspirants to become Ayahuasca Shamans will take the Ayahuasca brew 13 times a month, following a rigorous diet. The price for the second month is US$3000.00, on the third month US$2500.00, on the fourth US$2000.00 and staying at this last amount until the end.

When the Student is a Teacher or Experienced spiritual guide

These are special cases; there are healers, shamans, spiritual guides, teachers of yoga, tai chi, meditation among other spiritual wisdoms that are working and teaching. Only they will be able to do their Karpay directly Read more carpay-ausangate-quero-great-apu-mystic without receiving any course, unless they want to learn the techniques of our Inca culture; they submit themselves as free students after diagnosis of experience and spiritual level.

ayahuasca san pedro shamans

How you Should Learn the Spiritual Path to Become a Shaman

From day one the student will do the 8 techniques which are: 1 volcanic water, 1 reading of coca leaves, 1 cleansing of negative energies, 7 Ayahuasca sessions and 4 of Wachuma (San Pedro), 1 offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth), 1 flowering bath. Ayahuasca Wachuma 7 complete techniques. Also 1 Kambo. All these ceremonies will be done after proper scheduling with the Master Shaman who teaches the theoretical aspects, within a 30 days month. He will attend all the ceremonies, fulfilling the work as assistant and will support in every work that is asked within the community. The student who wants to be a master Shaman, has the duty to learn to serve and not to be served (renouncing everything he has in order to serve others, this is the way we teach). If you don’t learn how to serve, how are you going to teach this to students?

The student who is doing training for Shaman should pay close attention to learning the icaros (shamanic chants) on the retreats of Ayahuasca and all the works (ancient ceremonies) by looking and witnessing them. The Shaman does not teach, the Shaman transmits his power and energy through the techniques and teachings which must be observed by the student.
In the case of spiritual guides who already have experience or practice, they will have an evaluation and the preparation course time would be much lower than what we usually require.

Requirements for a Shamanic School in Cuzco Certification, Karpay

The last requirement will be when the Master Shaman presents a document to the Association mentioning that the student is prepared to receive light or spiritual permission; he will do his Karpay course in the Ausangate or the mountain Huamanlipa (the energy will decide where the future Shaman will perform his Karpay; this initiation has another additional cost). For more information read the url that follows Karpay Ausangate, (it is the power or permission granted by the Apus-sacred mouintains- to be Shaman).carpay-apu-ausangate-mystical-inca

When the student has satisfactorily completed his shamanic training in Cusco and his Karpay course, the Director of Shamans of Peru will give to the new Shaman a Certificate in the name of the Peruvian Community of Shamans, whereby he is given permission to practice freely as a Shaman and spiritual Master.

Ayahuasca Retreat Temple´s Policies for Students

  1. We are here to serve, to help people overcome their problems, students will have to respect customers, can not socialize, nor fall in love or go out with customers, since the participants come to receive help and not to get more confused than they are already.
  2. Students will have to obey what is asked without arguing. They will have to be humble and respectful. Also will be punished the behaviors not mentioned that demonstrate bad attitude, or are against ethics.
  3. Students will learn all the Ancient Techniques that the AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE offers.
  4. During their shamanic training in Cusco, students are prohibited from making disorder, fuss, they will have to respect the Retreat Temple. They will not be allowed to use alcohol, have sex, use any type of drugs including cigarettes.
  5. Failure to comply with moral values inside and outside the retreat center, after the first memorandum (if the case is serious is immediate), will automatically become grounds for expulsion from the retreat center and your money will not be refunded. Please be disciplined and before you come, think carefully about responsibility and commitment. AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE will not teach mediocre Masters with no moral values, AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE will only teach Spiritual Guides or Masters of Truth. Shamanic training in Cusco, shamanic school in Peru. https://caisae.com/en/voluntariado-ayahuasca-en-cusco

Booking Ceremony

1st MONTH. 08 Ayahuascas + 03 San Pedros + 01 kambo + 05 Andean techniques + accommodation, food and assistance to all ceremonies.
USD. 3500.00
2D0 MONTH. 08 Ayahuascas + 03 San Pedros + 01 kambo + 05 Andean techniques + accommodation, food and assistance to all ceremonies.
USD. 3000.00
3rd MONTH. 08 Ayahuascas + 03 San Pedros + 01 kambo + 05 Andean techniques + accommodation, food and assistance to all ceremonies.
USD. 2500.00

You can also do your Ayahuasca session in Machu Picchu, the amazing Inca citadel.

Ayahuasca Retreat

Ayahuasca Retreat Machu Picchu, 15 Days (6 Ayahuascas, 4 San Pedros + 5 ancient ceremonies)

Ayahuasca in Amazon

Kambo Therapy

Wachuma Ceremony

Wachuma in Machu Picchu

Ceremony Wachuma and Ayahuasca 7 days

Wachuma Ritual 4 days

Ancestral Rituals

Pachamama and 5 Ancestral Techniques

Offering to Mother Earth

Negative Energy Cleaning

Ayahuasca Volunteering in Cuzco

Marriages Inka

Inca Marriage + Machupicchu 9 days

Inka Marriage 6 days

Andean Wedding 3 days

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