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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Wachuma Ritual Cusco 4 Days

The Wachuma Ritual: We offer a complete package for the Wachuma (San Pedro) ritual, there are eight complete ancient Inca ceremonies. We do it preferably during the day, in a private place in nature, we walk by the river, and the sides of the mountains. We enter the deep secrets, discovering the pure smell of the trees and herbs like molle and muña, the singing of the birds which connect us with nature and the energy of the mountains. It is a professional job done by specialty Shaman healers. You can include an Ayahuasca ritual on this retreat or just proceed with the Huachuma rituals. Our staff can pick you up from the airport and also take you back there at the end of your stay.

At our Ceremony Center in Cusco City, you will find an excellent variety of Andean natural products for health, nutrition and beauty. We also have on the 2nd floor quite original summer clothes and tapestries inspired by Ayahuasca visions, made by native Shipibos of the Peruvian Amazon. In our Retreat Temple in Patapata, Sacred Valley South in the outskirts of Cusco City, we conduct ceremonies and retreats of Ayahuasca, Wachuma and optionally the Inca techniques. This is an ideal place to take Huachuma, because it is in the middle of nature. Here you can experience the energy and peace of the countryside. Also, if you wish, the Wachuma ceremony can be done in the fields around the Temple: you can choose between the forest, river, waterfall or mountain. Ayahuasca retreat.

wachuma cusco peru

Wachuma (San Pedro), Ayahuasca and the 5 Andean Inca Techniques.

Volcanic Water: This water has different mineral compounds to clean the immune sytem, detoxify the esophagus, stomach and kidneys, eliminates toxic residues from the body by the oral, urinary and anal ways.
Reading of Coca: It is a type of communication, guide or oracle where you find answers to your questions. It allows to make a diagnosis of your situation and brings you personal counseling. We detect your problems, evaluate and help to solve them which helps the whole healing process. It may be a great addition to your Wachuma ritual.
Energies Cleansing: We cleanse your karma, bad spiritual sensations accumulated in the body. We purify you of negative energies and harmful spiritual vibrations. The Shaman opens your chakras, liberates you until your spirit is free and ready for the Wachuma ritual.
Wachuma Ritual (2): Personal process of internal and external reflection for self-healing. Spiritual connection guided by the forces of nature, of psychoemotional opening, awakens consciousness and love at the heart. It is a retribution and connection with the Pachamama (Mother Earth).
Ayahuasca Ritual (1): The Ayahuasca helps to heal the wounds of the soul, to transform your heart and consciousness through forgiveness. It purifies the blood, allows a deep spiritual, psychological and physical cleansing.
Offering to Mother Earth: It’s a thanksgiving offering using coca leaves. We pray for life, for food and ask whatever we need. It’s a way of retribution and connection with Mother Earth; helps with health, love, work, family and protection.
Flowering Bath: Helps to activate your being, it serves for personal protection against negative energies. It helps to connect with the great spirits of the universe and channels spiritual cosmic energy. It attracts active, positive vibrations and energetic powers.

Before drinking the volcanic water, do not eat any food minimum 4 hours prior. We recommend you to detoxify with volcanic water 1 day before the Wachuma ritual 4 days. The drinking must be done at our office from 9 am to 9 pm. Ayahuasca retreat.

Wachuma San pedro in cusco

The Wachuma Ritual 4 Days Includes:

  • You have the option to choose only the Wachuma ritual (San Pedro) or all the ceremonies you like.
  • Private transport round trip from the main office in Cusco to the CAISAE Retreat Temple in Patapata (Sacred Valley South).
  • Experienced spiritual guide plus an assistant/translator (Quechua, Spanish, English).
  • Stay for 4 days and 3 nights (room available for 1 or 2 people) at the Retreat Temple.
  • Food, a special organic diet during the spiritual retreat .
  • All different elements for the offerings of payment to Mother Earth (Pachamama), cleansing and other ceremonies .
  • Meetings, consultations (group or individual), interpretation of visions with the Shaman to share your experiences.
  • Andean sounds, instrumental music, relaxing environment, a spiritual Retreat Temple to meditate.
  • For your personal recollection we take the photos on the different ceremonies without interruptions via the assistant (optional).
  • All the ceremonies are carried out by 4 different specialized Shamans, from the Shipibo, Machiguenga, Boras, Qeros, Ausangante, Paucartambo and other ethnic tribes.
  • Group walk in the countryside: along a river, in the mountains and forests guided by the assistant.
  • Available at the time or date you choose or schedule.
  • The private retreat: all the ceremonies will be completely private.
  • The private VIP retreat: all your ceremonies are completely private, also the volcanic water drinking, transportation and accomodation. You will have 1 spacious and furnished room of 50 m2, with private bathroom, heating and hot water.
  • Daily retreats 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.
  • The maximum group is 5 participants in the ceremony. Ayahuasca retreat.
Wachuma San Pedro Cusco - Connecting with Spiritual Awakening in the Sacred Land

Wachuma Ritual 4 Days - Itinerary

First Day: Today you will be fasting, only drinking water. We pick you up at 9 am to go to our Retreat Temple located in the Sacred Valley South. After your checked in, we’ll start with the first ceremony, the Reading of Coca leaves. Then we continue with the Energy Cleansing ceremony which is very important before doing the Ayahuasca. Now you will have some time to relax, meditate or concentrate. At 6 pm we will do the Ayahuasca ceremony, the Master Shaman says his prayers to ask permission from the sacred medicinal plant and all the forces of the universe, so that the ceremony will be in good balance with you and nature. After the ritual you can have dinner and then rest.

Second Day.-You will get up at 8 am, and then share your experiences with the Master Shaman who will guide you to a clearer understanding of your visions and the messages of the Ayahuasca. You will then have a Wachuma ritual, which is a self-exploration of the in-/outside of your being. It will make your eyes shine with love. At the end of the ritual we will have dinner and then rest.

Third Day.- You will wake up and get ready and then have an organic breakfast. Lunch and dinner will also be under the organic diet. Now you can share your experiences with the Master Shaman who will guide you toward a clear understanding of your messages in the Wachuma ritual. You will then have the day off to replenish all energies, to relax and listening to mantra music or meditate, paint, do yoga, read or have a walk, etc.

Fourth Day.- You will be waken up at 8 am for another Wachuma ritual, for self-exploration and again your eyes will shine with love. Then you will do the Offering to the Pachamama, we give thanks to Mother Earth, we align ourselves in a complete harmony with her which helps to find the balance between youself and nature. We then will finish with the Flowering Bath using different Andean wildflowers. Afterwards there will be a brief conversation to share your experiences, the Master Shaman can guide you to a clear understanding of your Wachuma ritual visions and messages. Then we will have dinner and return to Cusco.

The Mystical Power Of The Wachuma Ayahuasca Retreat Most of the Incas knew and practiced the mystical power of plants. Emperors such as Wiracocha, Pachacutec, Tupac Yupanqui and Huayna Capac were strong believers in the spiritual virtues of nature. The mysterious power of the Ayahuasca, the Wachuma (San Pedro) and the Andean ceremonies contacted with the energies of nature through the priests. They performed sacred Wachuma rituals and gave their offerings to Mother Earth. Rituals were made to the heavenly gods. The oracles of the coca leaves readings predicted the situation of the empire. They used the Ayahuasca ritual to connect with their heavenly gods, received fragments of wise advice, were guided by their visions and got answers so they could make good decisions. Wachuma and Ayahuasca retreat.Wachuma ritual 4 days Cusco.

Booking Ceremony

I. ECONOMIC SERVICE. (In Cusco City downtown. Retreats Temple The Light 3rd Floor)

BASICO: 2 Wachumas, 1 Ayahuasca + Volcanic Medicinal Water
USD. 550.00
BASICO: 2 Wachumas, 1 Ayahuasca + 5 Andean Inca Techniques
USD. 690.00

II. INTERMEDIATE SERVICE. (At the Retreats Temple in the countryside, 1 hour away from Cusco city in Patapata)

GRUPAL: 2 Wachumas, 1 Ayahuasca + Volcanic Medicinal Water
USD. 600.00
GRUPAL: 2 Wachumas, 1 Ayahuasca + 5 Andean Inca Techniques
USD. 740.00

III. PRIVATE SERVICE. (At the Retreats Temple in the countryside, 1 hour away from Cusco city in Patapata)

PRIVADO: 2 Wachumas, 1 Ayahuasca + Volcanic Medicinal Water
USD. 700.00
PRIVADO: 2 Wachumas, 1 Ayahuasca + 5 Andean Inca Techniques
USD. 840.00

IV. VIP SPECIAL SERVICE. (At the Retreats Temple in the countryside, 1 hour away from Cusco city in Patapata)

VIP: 2 Wachumas, 1 Ayahuasca + Volcanic Medicinal Water
USD. 800.00
VIP: 2 Wachumas, 1 Ayahuasca + 5 Andean Inca Techniques
USD. 940.00

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