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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Area for National and International events of diffusion, promotion and Training of Shamanic Culture

Our dedicated area for national and international events is a vibrant hub for the diffusion, promotion, and training of shamanic culture. This space is designed to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of ancient shamanic traditions from around the world. Whether you are a practitioner, a student, or simply curious, you will find enriching opportunities to engage with the shamanic community.

Workshops, Seminars, and Cultural Exchanges

We offer a diverse range of workshops, seminars, and cultural exchange programs that bring together experts and enthusiasts from across the globe. These events are designed to provide hands-on learning experiences, insightful lectures, and immersive cultural activities. By participating, you will gain valuable knowledge, build meaningful connections, and contribute to the preservation of shamanic practices.

  • Building auditoriums for conferences, projections and exchange of Shamanic techniques and experiences in the world. Allowing the diffusion and training in all healing techniques, treatments and shamanic learning.
  • Hold assemblies, events and meetings, symposiums among the members of the Community of Shamans of Peru and other related activities, considering that this area will have multiple uses. Considering a capacity of up to 300 people.

Graves and Cemetery Area

The complex must have facilities that will serve for mausoleums, crypts and burial niches for shamans and donors that allowed the project to materialize. These graves must consist of pavilions of 18 niches on 4 levels each, with an initial capacity of 50 graves, projected to 2000 that preserve the Inca ancient characteristics and uses, and that will be in perpetuity. It must be located in the the mountain. Having a length of 500m2 long and 6m2 wide, this mausoleum will have green areas, flowers and plenty of light will enter through special glass on the ceiling. It will have a meditation temple in the same mausoleum for visitors.

Also in these areas sculptures will be placed, in recognition and gratitude to the most prominent Shamans in our Community.

Recreation and Rest Area

In the terrain of the architectural complex we find flat areas, steep slopes, where we’ll build:

  • Walking circuits within the area of protection of flora and fauna with rest spaces (benches, hammocks and others) and gazers. Likewise, accommodation areas for people (mystical bungalows) will be built, maintaining all means of protection of nature and environment.
  • Systems that allow the practice of adventure sports (climbing, hiking, zipline among others) will be enabled
  • Construction of heated pools, jacuzzi rooms and saunas that will complement the healing treatments of patients.
  • In the areas surrounding pavilions A and B and the rest of the property, a water walk circuit, small waterfalls, water play, etc. will be built, which will help landscape beautification.

Modern aerial cable car system

Allows visualization of the entire sacred temple of Pachamama. It will be possible to do a whole tour through the air, feeling that you touch the sky; the cable car will be from one hill to another. We can breathe pure air, observe the animals, plants, the pure river that descends from the snow-capped mountains, all nature and the range, even transporting us to the future spiritual Hotel that will be on top of the mountain, which will have a phenomenal panoramic gazer.

The cable car is set in order not to invade the habitat of animals and to prevent contamination of medicinal plants. Also for tourist entertainment purposes in the 100 hectares, as well for transport to the Shamanic hotel.

We will also have a helipad, in case people want to come in their own transportation. This will cover 3 hectares.

Conservation and maintenance area of the topography of the Project land

  • The archaeological complex has approximately 3 to 6 hectares of hillside, where terraces will be protected to prevent soil erosion by means of terracing systems, which will be used for botanical gardens of medicinal plants and in other terraces locate the breeding and care for animals in the region, which are in danger of extinction.
  • These terraces must have the same construction of the ancient Inca platforms, with support structures, and the filling of different layers of land, duly implemented with water supply and recovery channels. They will be used to irrigate the plantations and watering the animals.
  • Likewise, in these areas of land, small roads alike to old Inca ones will be made, which will serve for visitors’ walks and rest walks, looking for a landscape view of the natural area.

Area for Protection and Preservation of Inca Architecture

  • Construction of replicas of Inca and pre Inca architectural structures such as chullpas, temples, towers, fortresses and tampus, maintaining and preserving construction techniques, in sizes and levels appropriate to the area of ​​the complex, considering the great importance of their constructions without harming Nature’s balance, in an area of ​​5000m2 for pre Inca and Inca civilization.

Pre-Inca civilizations: Caral, Chavín, Tiahuanaco, Paracas, Mochica, Nazca and Wari.

Inca Civilization: Architectural Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Goldwork, Medicine, Agronomic Engineering and Inca        Worship Temple.

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