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Testimonios de Ayahuasca en Cusco o experiencias con Ayahuasca en Cusco

estas son las experiencias de ayahuasca en cusco peru, el cual ayahuasca en Tripadvisor garantiza con los comentarios diarios.

Tantric Shakta, USA
Tantric Shakta, USA@tantricshakta
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Testimonials Ayahuasca Tripadvisor. AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE offers, in my experience the best Ayahuasca ceremony around Cusco. Here is why. First, Johana and Ameth are facilitators who care about you before, during and after the ceremonies (to the point they visited me in my hotel room after a much less commendable experience with another organization – P. of. L. – I had booked before knowing them). Moreover, they run a nice little shop (at Calle Herrajes 148, Cusco) with traditional products and take pains to find anything else you may request. Second, the ratio shamans/participants is very high, so shamans can take care of each participant individually. (I did two Ayahuasca ceremonies with Caesae. The first one had 3 shamans for 4 participants and the second one had 1 shaman for 2 participants. Personally the ayahuasca testimonies served for my personal growth and I was able to realize the changes. Third, you are free to choose from three types of Ayahuasca : Cielo (Sky), Roja (Red) and Negra (Black). The Red one, in particular, is rarely offered to non-shamans and the Black one is seldom of such quality. (I did one ceremony with the Negra and one with the Roja. I, of course, vomited with the Negra, which is best for purges, but the experience remained safe and smooth at all times. The Roja helped open the heart. The Cielo is, in my view, best for visions. Fourth, you may integrate your Ayahuasca taking within a wider ceremony, including drinking an extraordinary medicinal volcanic water, uncanny coca-leaf reading (the shaman spotted my main issue just looking at 3 leaves and all he said was no-nonsense), cleansing, offering to the Pachamama (as well as the Apus) and bathing in flowers. For the above reasons, next time I come to Peru I contemplate an Ayahuasca & San Pedro retreat with AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE and I recommend you to do so. (This time, I had already made other arrangements as I didn’t know about AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE – I just came across them by chance, walking around Cusco).
Svitlana Sokurenko
Svitlana Sokurenko@Svitlana
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My testimony is Ayahuasca in Peru was the most intense experience of my Ayahuasca life! I had heard many people talk about the ceremony, some did it once and others keep repeating with some frequency to clean. They told me that Ayahuasca is the most spectacular and you see spectacular things. But I understood that it can reveal how beautiful and positive our universe is and how ugly. After the ceremony I felt like in another world, very fragile, I think I just was not prepared to accept the information that passed me the spirit of Ayahuasca. I began to appreciate more what we have in our wonderful world, I felt different: full of love for myself, for mother earth, for each and every one, I felt free of the chains in which I had gotten myself. I am grateful to AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE and its collaborators like Maestro Jaime, Johana and Ameth for their great attention to which I feel very satisfied by everything. I recommend that you feel your own experience in each is different. My testimony is ayahuasca was very beautiful and wonderful and I have no words to explain. Ayahuasca more than an experience, it is a medicine that helps to find with itself. Before making this experience or cure with ayahuasca see their own safety. Ayahuasca is not a joke nor a game, look for places that guarantee your safety and physical integrity especially that you have tripadvisor or tripavisor. That’s why I chose this place. Svitlana Sokurenko, Country Ukraine. More information in Ayahuasca tripadvisor cusco
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The ayahuasca ceremony was one of the most profound experiences I ever had. The AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE team provided a sacred, safe and nurturing space that enabled me to understand and heal parts of myself and most of all, unleash a big grattitude for life. I felt the urge to do the ceremony for about a year, hungry for the ´truth´and willing to open my heart. I wanted my first time to be in Peru; where the ritual originates from. Many scenarios and expectations crossed my mind, however Ayahuasca gives you what you need, not what you want. It lasted quite some time after drinking the brew before I felt something. Gradually I started to gain awareness of an oneness that binds us all. When I closed my eyes and thanked ayahuasca for whatever I was about to experience, the kaleidoscopic storytelling started. Fast moving, colourful images appeared to me. Geomatrical shapes collided into ancient symbols, serpents and cosmic scenes. The stories/teachings that unfolded in front of my eyes were fast passing, sometimes not making any sense at all. When the effect got less, I was asked if I´d like some more. Horrified by the thought of drinking another cup of the rather disgusting brew, I knew it was the right thing. This time I got confronted with visions that represented the dark side in me, which I needed to accept in order to be free of all negativity. I vomited and felt pure and humble. The love was growing within me. Driven deeper by the rythms and icaros of the Shaman, I felt the presence of ancient and more intelligent beings. Huge Andean guardians from stone, were watching and protecting me. Before, during and after the ceremonies I really got the best guidance from a lovely set of human beings, which I’m happy to call friends. Thank you master Asunta, to clarify my intentions in the coca leaf reading. Thank you maestro Laurenzo, for cleansing me and help me show gratitude to mother earth, in a beautiful Pachamama ritual. Thank you maestro Inti from the Amazon, for leading my travel through your Icaros and for sharing the knowledge. Thank you Pierre, Johana and Ameth for supporting me and letting me be under your thick blanket of love. More information in Ayahuasca Tripadvisor Cusco.
FAB LAMBU OTH@fablambu
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First of all, I want to advise anyone who is interested in taking this magnifiscent Shamanic medicine, to inform yourself thoroughly about every product involved and mentioned in this text. I have heard about Ayahuasca quite a time before I started my travel and ever since have been curious. Nevertheless, I found AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE very spontaneously, while I was roaming around in the city of Cusco. I tried to inform myself before I got to Peru already, but was very confused by the load of different information on the internet. Thanks to Julien, who answered me every question in a very patient, knowing and non-persuasive manner, I finally found the sort of consistent answers I was looking for. My appointment was about 4 days after my encounter and since then I followed every advice AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE gave me. First of all, one has to follow a rather extensive manner a few days before and after the ceremony. The diet includes among other things: no coffee, no chocolate, no alcohol or other drugs, no red meat, little sugar, Little salt, in general less spices… It is crucial to inform yourself thoroughly at AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE or via other ways about what to not toe at, as some very conventional alimentations may turn into real poisons. Luckily, the staff of AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE is very prepared and more tan trustable to give you all the information you need. I registered myself for the regular group ceremony which only consists of the taking of volcanic water medical (agua volcánico) and, of course, the Ayahuasca itself. Agua volcánico is, in easy words, very salty water which helps you clean your body and therewith prepares it for the actual ceremony. In a lot of cases, it may lead to vomiting, but not necessarily has to. It definitely will lead to diahrrea, as its basically the sense of it. This basic program does not consist of the Shaman’s reading of coca leaves. The sense of this is for the Maestro to understand your inner well-being in order to guide you in an apropriate way. I am therefore very thankful to Johana, who has listened very patiently to me and what I myself considered to be inner problematic aspects. On the day of the ceremony Johana, Julien, Maestro Alberto, Diego (the second patient apart from me) and me took a taxi outside of the city on the countryside to a beautiful place at a river and between the mountains. The Maestro, Johana and Julien prepared the place. The put matrases, pillows, blankets and a tent for Diego and me to be comfortable. Afterwards, Maestro and Johana explained extensively the diferent instruments as well as herbal medicines, including but not exclusively, the Ayahuasca. Furthermore, they prepared us for some possible efects which may but should not scare us. Extreme, as well as rather rare, example is the feeling of being dying. From the three diferent Ayahuascas Alberto had brought, they chose on the spot which one suits us both best, as the all have different enfasises on their effects. For both of us, they chose the detoxicating one, as they saw a great need for us to find peace with our past. Afterwards, first me and then Diego were leadt to a small fire of Palos Santos, in order for us to be properly protected. And then, finally, first Diego and then me were passed a cup of Ayahuasca. Before taking it in, we should pray to the higher power we believe in, give thanks for this oportunity and express our desires. Anyone who hopes for something yummy, I have to herewith disapoint. Ayahuasca is not of a very pleasant taste. After drinking the cup all at once, we lay down. Initially, I did the mistake to excitetly wait for anything to happen, rather tan to just relax and let things happen at their time. As after a certain time still no effect was beginning to take place, I got offered a second cup. Johana told me, that it is quite common for people for example from Germany, Netherlands, France or Russia to need more than one cup, as their cultural identity has coined them and their unconciousness to be rather defensive on this kind of mind altering substances. The Maestro told me afterwards, that he could observe my body to be strongly fighting the spirit of the intaken substance. Myself I can say that at this time I mainly felt sick. My stomach ached a bit, the sun was burning my skin, I wanted to throw up, but couldn’t. Johana and the Maestro therefore seperated Diego and me and let us lie down at diferent places but in a certain way, as they explained afterwards, in order to support the connectivity. Shortly after this change of location, I finally was able to let myself go and shortly after as well vomited – which is very normal and even the most common. Already while vomiting, strong visual efects started. I am mainly talking about quickly changing perspectives and distances. When I lay down again, I felt warm and comfortable. I started to loose any feeling for my own body, couldn’t say if I had one, two or three hands, my head felt tiny, my hair incredibly long (and it’s not) my legs and arms as something I have never seen nor felt before. Johana afterwards explained to me, that this is something normal and represents. My testimonies ayahuasca was incredible and wonderful. One day I will return to take the medicine I recommend to choose the place AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE. More information in Ayahuasca tripadvisor cusco
Jose Luis Alves Fernandes Doe
Jose Luis Alves Fernandes Doe@joseluis
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My testimony is ayahuasca was incredible, it is not the first time I take ayahuasca but taking in Peru is special. By knowing the people who work with ayahuasca here I felt a different energy in the shamans. People who despite the new age, have a well-lived spirit . As I took the first dose, I felt my mind and body change in a few minutes. I felt at the same time in heaven and hell, and as always I heard the voices and noises of the guardians and elementals of nature. On the side of hell I felt a great deal of mud and stench around me, an entity that I have been a companion for centuries and centuries, that never ceased to influence me. I heard his kicks on the ground and puffs like a great Roman horse! I have a lot to learn about the true values ​​of life! But I am searching and learning from my mistakes! On the other side, the subtle and beautiful side, I felt an indigenous entity, a true shaman, both on the physical plane and in spirit, helping me and singing hymns that infected me. My body wanted to follow the rhythm of the songs, and soon I started to move and sing along with them! At times he opened his eyes and wanted to see that shaman who was in the astral world, but he could not see anything! He also listened to other entities all Indians, drumming their drums and humming their beautiful songs. At other times he heard bird sounds and smelled herbs! I have and I must thank the people of AYAHUASCA RETREAT TEMPLE who have supported me and supported me on this walk here in Cusco, mainly to Ameth and Joana. More information in Ayahuasca tripadvisor cusco
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