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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Therapeutic Massage Cusco

The therapeutic massage is a technique focused only on areas where the tension or contracture that disturb you the most concentrate. This therapeutic massage will sometimes cause you pain due to the pressure of the hands. The therapeutic massage aims at breaking those knots or nervous contractures that are formed between the muscular fibers, and that we accumulate or carry in our body; this fact causes the energy blockage. This therapy helps to relax the body and thus allow good energies to freely flow.

A major benefit of this massage is that it strengthens your immune system as there is a large release of endorphins into the bloodstream.

Consult with your massage therapist what you want exactly and experience a unique sensation with a special massage.

Therapeutic Massage

Mystical Massages.- Mystic massage is the release of negative energetic charges accumulated in different parts of the body. Through manual labor we cleanse the stress, the tensions of the muscles and tendons. Helps improving posture and body aches. You will have the massages at the Shamanic temple within an energetic and very welcoming atmosphere.

Shamanic-indigenous Healing with Massages.- The Master is only a channel of divine energy, receives spiritual power in his hands and heals through the connection with wise spirits (the Gods of Inca medicine). In these massages different secrets or complete techniques of healing are used, that your mind, body and spirit need.

Shamanic Healing Massages.- We work using various techniques or Inca millenary secrets throughout your body. It is effective in relieving muscle aches, contractions of low back pain, nervous tension, stress and negative overloads. We use different organic oils (essences) and extracts of medicinal plants from the Andes (Coca, Chirichiry, Marku among others).

Deep Tissue Massage

Booking Ceremony

Short massage 60 minutes. servicio hotel USD. 110.00
USD. 75.00
Normal massage 120 minutes. servicio Hotel USD. 150.00
USD. 127.00
Full massage 150 minutes, en la naturaleza, rio.
USD. 185.00

The therapeutic massage in Peru is a technique focused only in areas where the tension and contractures that disturb concentrate. Shamanic Healing massage.

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