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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Reiki Shamanic Massage

Reiki massages are the imposition of hands on the objective and canalization of alignment of chakras, where we clean the 7 chakras, merge with the Andean worldview to reach reiki shamanic. These are really relaxing massages. They are performed by indigenous Shamans and spiritual guides with great knowledge concerning energy points, unblockings, or release of energetic auras. We have ancient techniques and secrets that work through the physical massage through points of the body, and the reiki shamanic is the spiritual connection.

This relaxing reiki shamanic massage is a combination of different meditation techniques and special massages throughout the body, where we align the 7 chakras of the body, through the energetic channeling with shamanic stones. We use some shamanic elements, and invoke the participation of all natural forces with the blessing of the universe. The technique contributes to reinforce the different vulnerable areas of the body, mind and spirit.

Therapeutic Massage

We help to strengthen love, work, health, spirituality and most important, protection in general. The secret of the technique is the intention that is born in the heart of the participant, which will allow to achieve its goal or longing. The fusion of the reiki massage with the shamanism is aimed at spiritual people who understand of meditations and the diversity of auras or mysterious energies.

  • It is a transmission or channeling of the power of Inca spirits and universal forces to unlock and to expel detrimental spirits both fromthe inside and the outside.
  • We use different organic essences and extracts of native Andean (medicinal) plants. We channel the energies, unblock and activate the energy chakras or channels.
  • We use laying of hands and prayers, the therapist and spiritual guides are a healing channel for bringing totemic animals out of your body.
  • Absorption in strategic points, energy guides through the 7 chakras.
  • The Shaman uses endless resources, and makes a complete energy cleansing.
inka mystic massage

Booking Ceremony

Quick massage 70 minutes, Hotel USD. 120.00
USD. 95.00
Intense massage 80 minutes, hotel USD. 140.00
USD. 90.00
Intense massage 100 minutes, Total relaxation in nature.
USD. 170.00
Andean reiki massage is an indigenous technique laying on of hands energetic points unlocking and liberation Masage reiki cusco. relaxing shamanic reiki

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