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Reiki Shamanic Massage

Booking Relaxing massage.- Reiki massages are the imposition of hands on the objective and canalization of alignment of chakras, where we clean the 7
masaje de tejido profundo

Deep Tissue Massage

Booking Deep tissue massage or deep massage is a special technique focused on the most tense areas such as the neck, shoulders, head, back, lower back

Therapeutic Massage

Booking                         Therapeutic Massage Peru The therapeutic massage is a technique focused only on areas where the tension or contracture

Energetic Massage With Hot Stones

Booking Energetic Massage Hot Stones.– The energetic massage with hot stones is excellent for people who feel cold both on a physical and psychologica

Inca Mystic Massage

Booking Inka Mystic Massage in Cusco Mystic Massage.- We channel the cosmic energy of the universe, the earth and the Inca spirits, also with the help
alineacion chacras

Antistress Massage

Booking Chakra Alignment and Technique.– These are special massages, we channel the spiritual cosmic energy, use different creams made from medicinal

Relaxing Shamanic Massages

Booking Relaxing Shamanic massages are suitable for relieving muscle aches, stress, negative charges and nervous tension. We massage all over your bod
masaje andino

Shamanic Massage Cuzco

Booking Massage therapies, Inca mystical secrets. Spiritual Shamanic massage, energetic unblocking of stress contractures, introspection and ancient r