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Pachamama and 5 Ancient Techniques

Booking Pachamama Ceremony or Offering to Mother Earth Cusco Pachamama Ceremony.- You have the possibility to make a whole package of ancestral ceremo

Offering to Mother Earth

Booking $60 Offering of retribution to Mother Earth, spiritual gratitude and connection with coca leaves. The Offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth)
Agua Medicinal Volcánica

Volcanic Medicinal Water

Medicinal Volcanic Water in Cusco or Volcanic Water Purge . Book Your Ayahuasca Retreat Volcanic Water Cusco The medicinal volcanic water from a hidde

Negative Energy Cleansing

Booking $60 Negative energy cleansing: negative energy overloads come from several sources that are around and are absorbed in every circumstance. We

Coca Leaves Reading

Booking US$50.00 Lectura de Coca u Oraculos en Cusco u hoteles. The Reading of Coca Leaves in Cusco is a means of communication, we can say that the l

Flowering Bath

Booking Flowering baths, change of life, spiritual rebirth. Important for your life to blossom is a connection to Heaven and earth. The Shaman does hi
ritual del amor

Ritual for love

Booking Ritual to change or attract the true Love, the law of spiritual attraction. The ritual for love is a special ceremony of infinite power offere