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Healing Ceremonies with Ancient Medicinal Plants

Deep Tissue Massage Cusco

Or deep massage is a special technique focused on the most tense areas such as the neck, shoulders, head, back, lower back and legs. The pressure is firm and strong, which will relieve the pain that has been disturbing you during your daily life. This massage will stimulate the circulatory system and thus help calm your stress problems, relaxing all your muscles.
We also call it free massage, for the client can request the massage in areas where he needs it the most. All shamanic techniques like stretching of tendons and muscles are applied, ending with hot energetic stones all over your body.
With this massage you will experience a lasting sensation of calm and tranquility.

masaje místico cusco

Booking Ceremony

Short massage: 60 minutes, cusco ciudad office.
S/. 220.00
Normal massage: 90 minutes, cusco ciudad office.
S/. 300.00
Full massage: 150 minutes, connection in the natural field.
S/. 400.00

Freestyle Massage

The freestyle massage or free massage is designed for the specific needs or requirements of the clients. The technique of free massage allows the release of your negative energies. This mystical Inca freestyle massage will help release the negative charges accumulated in different parts of your body. Through manual labor we cleanse the stress, the tensions of the muscles and tendons. Helps improve posture and body aches.

These are techniques that your massage therapist will apply with a combination of several movements according to your request, to relieve and calm your stress problems, and improve your health. If you want something different from the previous massages, this one is the right one to give a treat to your body, spirit and mind.

With this massage you will experience a personal sense of freedom.

Deep Tissue Massage

Booking Ceremony

Short massage: 60 minutes.
S/. 220.00
Normal massage: 120 minutes.
S/. 300.00
Full massage: 150 minutes.
S/. 400.00

Special technique deep massage focused on more tense areas such as neck, shoulders back, lumbar and legs. Deep tissue massage. Free massage.

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