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Kambo Therapy

Kambo medicine is not usual remedy. This magical physical and spiritual therapy was first used by the Amazon natives of the forests in South America. Now is used very often by natural medicine followers. It is basically used for immune system recovery , against many illnesses and is k

AYAHUASCA RETREAT – The many benefits of doing it with us. Quick guide

Coming to amazing Cusco region for an Ayahuasca retreat is surely the best choice possible! Here in our community, we have genuine Amazonian Shamans, the true Ayahuasca masters, bearers of a millenary legacy of wisdom from generations of healers. Ayahuasca Retreat in Cusco The Cusco r

Holy Temazcal

We are very glad to introduce to you the wonderful ritual of “Temazcal Sweat Lodge”. Temazcal is a Mesoamerican Bath Therapy Ritual for healing of the body, spirit and soul. This amazing therapy was originated 5,000 years ago by the Ancient Indian Communities of Mexico in Pre historic

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