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Wachuma San Pedro, Wachuma in Cusco, Huachuma retreats Cusco. San Pedro or Huachuma the “Grandfather, male spirit of the Andes,” heals and harmonizes from the inside to the outside of your being, it is pure, mysterious light and makes your eyes shine with absolute love. San Pedro is not a drug, it is a natural magic plant of the Inca ancestors. It awakens the absolute clarity of consciousness, connects the pure essence of its interior to obtain mutual and unconditional love.
Wachuma San Pedro, Wachuma in Cusco, Huachuma retreats Cusco. Help sharpen the senses, open the sub-conscious of the heart and senses, re-connect with the divinity the inner essence of your being. It allows you to connect with the mysterious power of the universe and the Pachamama, showing you the inner light of your heart. purifies the heart healthy, body the thoughts, helps to release its totemic animals that govern its dark interior, reinstalling to the spiritual light.
Wachuma makes your eyes shine with pure and eternal love. The experience of San Pedro has a minimum duration between 6.12, to 24 hours maximum. Generally we make day in a very pure and special place, accompanied by mountains rivers and quite natural vegetation. Where there is no interruption of cars and people. We are ready 365 days a year, it is taken by a certified specialist shaman and his personal assistant.