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Tantra massage or tantric massage esoteric.-

This tantra massage is an ancient and self-exploration technique of its being, it is a work of liberation, total disconnection of your interior, mystical style with candles, steam from wild plants and shamanic stones that are passed all over your body. Before starting the tantric massage you will have to ask permission from the forces of the universe through the Shaman to find balance and spirituality. Before doing the tantric massage, you will do an energetic cleansing to let go of the stress, all the negative aspects of your body, mind and spirit. To fraternize with nature, tantra massage requires Inca meditation through coca leaves, will achieve a grateful connection with Mother Earth. The tantric massage requires a cleansing of the 7 chakras by means of the 7 shamanic stones. Finally you will have the tantric massage or relaxing with hot stones and extracts of essences and medicinal plants, where you can explore your body to the fullest and find your self-control. The tantra massage is the self-exploration of the body’s chakras, it does not imply sex, is a professional job. The idea of ​​the tantric massage is to take out your totemic animals and purify your body. You can request a very private service in case you want something mystical out of the ordinary; a tantric massage in the forest or by the river in the middle of nature listening to the trills of the birds, the sound of the wind and of the river among others. With this massage you will experience a sensation of freedom in your being or you will reach a complete illumination. This massage is with prior reservation via e-mail.

Tantric massage goal or tantra massage.-

The goal of the tantra massage is the reintegration with the Pachamama (Mother Earth) in the purest spiritual consciousness. It is the bond of individual consciousness that connects with pure consciousness or divinity. The end of the tantric massage is the path of regression, it is known as waking up to a level of superconsciousness. Tantric massage aims to reach the subconscious by releasing the spirit and expanding it into its own spiritual essence which develops control. esoteric

Tantric massage: 120 minutes. S/.350.00
Tantric massage Full massage : 150 minutes. S/.400.00